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The Ending Of Styx Explained: Rieke And Kingsley’s Conclusion

Styx movie ending explained

Styx is a 2018 German-Austrian drama helmed by Wolfgang Fischer. The film is a tight morality thriller taking place amidst the biting vastness of the Atlantic Ocean. If you have any doubts regarding the ending of Styx, let’s navigate through its plot and ending to examine what it entails. We advise you to watch the movie first to avoid any spoilers for the ending of Styx. Styx follows a German emergency doctor, Rieke. After an arduous working span of saving lives, Rieke has some plans for her holiday outing. She intends to sail alone on her 11-meter-long yacht to Ascension, where she will fulfill one of her lifetime dreams.

And so Rieke begins a daring journey on her yacht “Asa Gray”, from Gibraltar to Ascension Island. The island is a small landmass formed of a volcano, in the middle of the South Atlantic. While she traverses through the vastness of waters, she has no communication with the terrestrials. However, she does have a radio which becomes very crucial for her afterward. While she charts the waters off of North Africa, she receives information via radio. A container ship passing nearby informs her to prepare for an upcoming violent storm. Rieke tussles with the severe storm all night and gets through it eventually.

Styx movie cast

Susanne Wolff plays Rieke in Styx (2018).

A Trawler, a Yacht, and a Moral Lesson

When morning arrives, Rieke sees a severely damaged trawler ship on the horizon. The structural integrity of the trawler is evidently decrepit, even when seen from afar. What’s more, is that the trawler is overloaded with refugees. With around a hundred passengers and an incredibly weak body, the boat faces the danger of sinking, with the people along with it. On the verge of drowning while amidst a desperate situation, the people shout and wave at Rieke. Meanwhile, Rieke attempts to establish communication with the boat using the radio. However, when she doesn’t receive any answer, she tries contacting rescue teams to save the people. Although the radar shows several vessels nearby, there are no responses to the calls.

Coast Guard promise to send help but that will take many hours. The captain of the transport ship also can’t help. He informs that the shipping company has prohibited any involvement in the rescue of any refugees. Meanwhile, the refugees on board the trawler start getting more and more desperate. Rieke sees through her binoculars, the passengers jumping into the water to save their lives. Among those taking the plunge, is a 14-year-old boy who swims up to Rieke’s yacht. Rieke rescues the boy, whose name is Kingsley, with the help of a lifebuoy. To prevent more people from jumping into the water as well, Rieke moves the yacht away from the trawler.

What happens to rieke in the end

Rieke is rescued in the ending of Rieke.

What Happens in the Ending of Styx?

Her yacht is nowhere near big enough to accommodate the refugees. After giving Kingsley first aid, Rieke calls for help through her radio again. The Coast Guard promises help is on the way but advises her to stay away from the refugee boat. When Kingsley regains consciousness, he persistently insists Rieke head to the rescue of the trawler. As it turns out, one of the refugees on the trawler is his sister. Kingsley gets agitated and snatched the key from Rieke, even throwing her overboard. However, after a short distance, he stops the engine. Rieke gets back on the yacht, furious with Kingsley. However, she understands his frustration and despair.

Rieke calls the Coast Guard again, telling them that her yacht is sinking. Following that, she cuts the ship’s electrical system and activates the distress beacon. The ending of Styx sees Rieke getting aboard the trawler and witnessing the harrowing condition. She sees that many people have died and many are dying. The following morning, the Coast Guard arrives and starts the rescue of the survivors. Meanwhile, they receive multiple radio messages about other refugee ships in distress. At the ending of Styx, Rieke is rescued and questioned by the coast guards. However, Rieke is unable to answer anything due to the traumatic experience.

Styx movie review

Gideon Wekesa Oduor plays Kingsley in Styx (2018).

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