The End Is Near In Claws Season 4 Episode 9

Claws Season 4 Episode 9
Claws Season 4 Episode 9

Claws Season 4 Episode 9 approaches the final stage. With just two episodes left in the series, the throw of the dice is cast! Everything is up for grabs. And while everybody is too busy blaming each other while also occupied with their woes, Tony slowly creeps in and takes over right in everyone else’s eyes. In consequence, what can Desna and her team do in front of a possible Drug Enforcement Administration hostile action?

Claws is a TNT crime drama about five nail salon employees who start laundering drug money and trafficking drugs in a male-dominated world. The show also stars Judy Reyes, Niecy Nash, Karrueche Tran, Carrie Preston, Jenn Lyon, and Dean Norris and is produced by Eliot Laurence, Will McCormack, Rashida Jones, and Howard Deutch.

Claws Season 4 Episode 8 Recap

Desna should be commended for keeping her crew informed and thinking on her feet. When Tony turned up at her door, teasing a nice treat for her, Desna had no choice but to play along. She silenced the babbling Bryce before he told Tony, who was seated beside her, about the sleep clinic deal. Unfortunately, he was completely unaware of Desna’s emergency codeword “ambrosia salad.”

Claws Season 4 Episode 9
Claws only has two episodes left

She convincingly declined the offer to provide oxy to Tony’s “homegirl” Lori, avoiding the trap. Then she was free of Tony, who had to go to work at some point, just in time to tell her crew about him. Jenn couldn’t complain about Desna being taken in because she had fallen for Tony’s act just as much as Desna had. Unfortunately, the crew had already identified Georgia as the group’s mole, and she died as a result.

DEA Encroachment

The organization’s only defense was Jenn and Virginia, who both relied on Desna to think for them. To put it another way, there is no clearsighted defense. Quiet Ann was always the crew’s other intelligent member. She was now a free agent, and all she wanted to do was get out of town. Ann, on the other hand, has had no such luck.

When Desna declared that she would take the fall for the team, we saw a glimpse of the compassionate Desna we’re familiar with. That’s only fair because they frequently get into trouble for supporting Desna’s arrogance. But simply being sheep following their shepherd isn’t enough of a defense in court. Jenn’s recent method of coping caught up with her as she overdosed on oxy as if having a DEA agent in their midst is not enough to deal with.


Jenn’s brush with death should have prompted the crew to sing a kumbaya song. Instead, they continued to fight, blaming each other for their own errors. Virginia blamed both Desna and Jenn for killing Georgia, who was suspected of skimming oxy, in order to establish her gangsta credentials. Dean had to pay Virginia a visit to inadvertently get her thinking, which was no easy task. Jenn was later informed of her decision.

What’s Next?

When Polly inherited the majority of Axel’s estate over his entitled children, she finally received justice. When a drowsy Jenn awoke to find Muppet versions of her friends arguing and fighting, it was hilarious. Jenn was correct in clearing the room because she no longer recognized them. Neither do the majority of viewers.

There are two more episodes left in which they can escape the looming indictment and reclaim their bighearted self. Uncle Daddy, what to make of him? He’s still taking advice from his dead wife, Juanda, which was the only thing Desna didn’t have to deal with. Ann wisely declined. Then Ghost Juanda suggested that he could convert his warehouse into a nursery. I’m excited to see how that turns out. Isn’t Ann too wise to fall for a pretty nursery for her baby? Ann is a wild card in this game. She turned down Clay and then her $100,000 relocation fund when Desna informed her that Tony was a DEA agent.

Where to Watch Claws?

Tune in to TNT during the airing of “Claws” if you want to watch it. On the other hand, you can watch it online via TNT’s website or app. “Claws” is also available to watch on Hulu (the first three seasons), DirecTV (only the first season), Sling (only the first season), and Spectrum (only the first season) (also only the first season). The entire four seasons of the show are also available to buy on Amazon Direct Video, Apple iTunes, Google Play, the Microsoft Store, and Vudu.

Claws Season 4 Episode 9
Judy Reyes as Quiet Ann Zayas in “Claws”

Claws Season 4 Episode 9 Release Date

Claws Season 4 Episode 9 will release on January 30, 2022, at 21:00 hrs, Eastern Time, United States on TNT. TNT releases new episodes of “Claws” on Sundays. This episode’s title is “Chapter Nine: Wrath”, which is also the next-to-last episode of the series. The script was written by Emily Silver, David Rambo, and Sharon lee Watson. With this, we conclude our coverage of Claws here at Otakukart. Thank you for reading our article, and please keep coming back to our website to stay on top of all the latest developments about your favorite series, movies, and shows.

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