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The Empty Man Review: An Urban Legend Told With Flaws!

The Empty Man Review
From The Official Trailer Of The Empty Man Featuring James Badge Dale as James Lasombra

Turn the lights off; let’s learn about a horror movie that brings new folklore to our ears. The Empty Man is probably our new Bloody Mary or Candyman, we guess. But is he that scary, though? Let’s see what this David Prior movie has for us in the story as we take a look at The Empty Man, its plot and review the entire film. Well, the horror stories are one of the difficult ones to execute, and adding it with an urban legend. It’s been a while when it comes to success with that sort of thing. Now, if you are wondering the same as if The Empty Man hits the right notes? Let’s see if it does.

The Empty Man comes from director David Prior who takes inspiration from Cullen Bunn and Vanesa R. Del Rey’s graphic novel of the same name. James Badge Dale, Marin Ireland, Stephen Root, Ron Canada, Robert Aramayo, Joel Courtney, and Sasha Frolova lead the film. The movie was released back in October 2020 in theatres but failed heavily. One thing is for the audience, but another thing is it is one of the movies to release during covid times. Now the movie has kind of gained a cult following since its video-on-demand release, and we wonder what’s in the store.

The Empty Man Plot

The Empty Man follows a story set in Missouri in 2018. It follows former cop James Lasombra who is still suffering from the loss of his wife and son in a car accident a year ago. He works at a security store until his friend and ex-lover Nora’s daughter Amanda runs away and disappears with a  few teenagers in the town. One thing that is mysterious about the whole thing is “The Empty Man made me do it,” written in the bathrooms.

Plot For The Empty Man

From The Official Trailer Of The Empty Man Featuring Sasha Frolova as Amanda Quail

The Legend Of The Empty Man is about taking his name and blowing it on the bridge. Apparently, Amanda and her friends tried it. Now, as per the legend, on the first day, they hear from him. The second day is when they see him. On the third day, he will come to hunt you down. So the movie sees James following the legend and breaking it down more from him as he struggles to look for kids. Then bring them back home safely from the so-called spirit.

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The Empty Man Review

Well, the Empty Man does jump in pretty well when it comes to creating the ambiance, atmosphere, and dark nature. The perfect one for a horror movie. But at the same time, it fails to establish a universe the movie intends to. It kind of reminds us of The Nun. Both the movies had that scary look from the beginning, but the execution is something that didn’t go well. In The Empty Man’s case, it didn’t make it the best with its scares and urban legends, which were meant to scare us. Even the investigation kind of doesn’t seem like it’s giving it all when it comes to figuring out the folklore mentioned in the film.

The Good And Bad Aspects Of The Empty Man ANd Its Review

From The Official Trailer Of The Empty Man Featuring James Badge Dale as James Lasombra

Talking about folklore, we that did sound scary, though, despite being a little cliche or overheard times and times again. But telling from the modern point of view. The movie stumbled a bit. Anyway, also noting the investigation part. It brings us to the character of James Lasombra, played by James Badge Dale. The investigating officer in the show trying to crack this mystery. Well, Dale has worked really great, but it’s the character itself that didn’t flesh out for the universe The Empty Man offers. The cop seems like every other cop from a crime procedural program with the same old back story and nothing new to offer.

Apart from all of the goods and wrongs. The movie seems like a take on what The Others and The Witch had to offer. Everything matches to the point apart from pace. The Empty Man runs things quite fastly, but it’s run-time over. Something we think was fleshed a little more and could have ended on quite a quicker. Overall the movie feels completely jam-packed for only Horror fans at the moment. Well, it’s definitely not a bad movie and offers everything a horror fan asks for. Not to the top-notch, but something we might have seen time and again but still loves to hear. For regular moviegoers, well, it’s kind of skippable unless you are planning for a horror night out about a ghost story retold. That’s all for the review of The Empty Man.

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