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The Dungeon of Black Company

Miss Shia had a meeting with the higher-ups, who praises her great exploits. Kinji continues lending morning and working at the dungeon, countering different monsters. Let’s find what the lates episode of The Dungeon of Black Company has to offer. The higher-ups ask Shia if she has acquired the Philosopher’s Stone on the fifth floor of the Dungeon of Faria. Shia comments that she has done that alone since everyone worked hard for the company. The higher-ups reveal that a group of promising rookies is returning from their corporate training retreat.

Shia promised the higher-ups that she would work hard and reach high ranks. Meanwhile, the boss told the workers that they are no longer human but swine at the mine. Boss Pig continues to tease the workers, telling them that they are scum, fools,  and a bunch of losers. The workers keep up with their motto of saying thank you, boss. Boss Pig notices that Kinji is not saying thank you like other workers and confronts him. He asks Kinji if he has an attitude problem. Kinji shouts, thank you, boss, and he leaves him.

Boss Pig comments that he leaves to train sums like them into his favorite kind of swine. He told them that this is Pig Pen Isle and told them to work hard. They both wear the dungeon gear and head to the training. The episode title is ”Fun at the Corporate Training Trip.” Boss Pig gets furious when one of the workers gets scared to face a three-headed wolf. The guy begs for his life while crying and wet his pants. Boss Pig comments that the only thing that scum can do is to charge in and fight.

Previously on The Dungeon of Black Company Episode 3

Kinji realizes that he has developed a perfect plan, but Boss Pig is saying something different. Kinji remembers that he has hidden something, and they will transfer him to Exploration Division Group 3, which has a lot of freedom. He is plotting something to dethrone the higher-ups and run the company to become a winner NEET worldwide. Wanibe shouts Kinji’s name, thinking that he will help them defeat the monster.

Boss Pig realizes that these guys are many scaredy cats and press the button to explode the three-headed wolf. Kinji is relieved that they don’t have to fight the monsters. Boss Pig told the workers that it is too early for them to crawl around in a dungeon.  They head outside, and Boss Pig enjoy eating the meet in front of the workers. The workers are tired and feel like Boss Pig is punishing them.

The Dungeon of Black Company
The Dungeon of Black Company

Boss Pig

Boss Pig told them that he would train the whole day, and they must brace themselves. Their next mission is to climb the mountain at full speed to build their stamina. One of the workers complains that they didn’t get food since yesterday. Boss Pig replied that the purpose of the trip is to teach them to work and make money. Since they didn’t produce anything, they have no right to eat.

Boss Pig threw the meat away and told the workers to pick it up and eat. They realize that he is tricking them, and they decided to head to the mountains. On the way, Kinji collapsed out of hunger and wanted to eat the grass. Wanibe remained Kinji that it is a Confusion Grass, and if he eats them, his mind will mess up. Kinji realizes that Wanibe knows a lot about wild plants. Later the workers arrive at the top of the mountain, and Boss Pig comes on a truck. Boss Pig told the workers that they need to develop a backbone before training stamina.

Kinji gets furious that the guy is enjoying all the luxuries, and they are suffering without even eating or drinking. Boss Pig told the workers that he would beat the rotten core back into shape. They went inside the room, and he begins to beat them using Ninja tools. Boss Pig told them that they are spineless scums. Later Kinji and Wanibe captured Shia and told her that she is one of them and will work for Dungeon Black Company. They realize that she wanted to expose them that they work with various monsters.

The Dungeon of Black Company Episode 4 Release Date

The Dungeon of Black Company Episode 4 release date is 30 July 2021.


Where To Watch The Dungeon of Black Company Episode 4?

You can watch The Dungeon of Black Company Episode 4 online on Funimation. and bilibili. You can look at Preview: The Dungeon Of Black Company Episode 3.

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