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Preview: The Dungeon of Black Company Episode 3

The Dungeon of Black Company

Dungeon of Black Company Episode 3 is coming out soon. Before that arrives on our screens, let us take a look at Episode 2’s recap. A man who used to be wealthy and live a luxurious life gets sent to another world where he begins working as a mining worker. Let’s find how Kinji’s life continues in another world on The Dungeon of Black Company. The episode starts with Kinji heading inside the building after being brutally beaten. He got beaten for the money that he owes and sold the tablet out of power. The monster looks at Kinji and realizes that he is the guy who keeps on getting them in trouble. Kinji enters the building and notices that they do not like him.

One of the goblins pushed Kinji as he heads out, and Kinji comments that they don’t have to hide that they hate him. Kinji believes that his leadership and management are the only reason this place has good numbers. Wanibe received a considerable payment, and the boss told him that he made too much progress on the third floor. Wanibe can’t believe that he is getting this amount of money. Kinji took out a letter of appointment and finds that he and Wanibe are to be transferred to Exploration Division Group 8 effectively today.

The episode title is ”An Un-Ant-anticipated Encounter.” Kinji and Wanibe head to work, and a jelly substance fall on Kinji’s face. Wanibe tried to remove that jelly and told Kinji not to die since they had no life insurance. Kinji manages to free himself, and Wanibe is holding on top of that jelly, thinking Kinji is still trapped. The Raiza’ha Mining Corporation has headquartered in Torstone with a capital of 1.3 billion gold and over 30000 employees, and it is a massive company. The market has grown ever since more workers have gets employed.

Previously on The Dungeon of Black Company Episode 2

The Exploration division gets charged with hunting giant monsters inside the dungeon while defending and expanding the mining areas. Group three is a thriving group viewed as the elite. Kinji got transferred to group eight that got tasked with supporting those who fight in the front lines. Group 3 has managed to slash the monstrous lion that rampages inside the dungeon. Kinji and Wanibe are cleaning up mob monsters.

They are also refilling treasure-chest-shaped storage boxes with support items and also run other errands. Kinji and Wanibe get viewed as the dropout, and Kinji realizes that he still has a considerable debt to pay and keeps on getting a new loan. Wanibe asks Kinji if he will end like this and no one will recognize him in his life. Kinji told Wanibe not to worry since he will die only after living life to the total and complete end.

The Dungeon of Black Company


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Queen of Monster

Kinji told Wanibe to finish working and drink water since they have no money. Wanibe got his legs wrapped with the tongue of the monster, and Kinji wonders what is happening. Kinji tried to think of a way to help Wanibe and try to look for items that will put the beast to sleep. He manages to put the beast to sleep and head to the higher-ups to complain about the route. The higher-ups told Kinji that the path is safe. Wanibe is injured, and he will be out for a while so that Kinji will cover Wanibe’s shift.

The boss told Kinji that the cost items inside the treasure chest would get deducted from his pay. Kinji realizes that he will end up having no money and complains to the boss. The boss told Kinji to get back to work since he knows the consequences. Kinji heads out, wondering how he will work two shifts. On his way, he saw something and steal it. The lady near the shop noticed that the thing is missing. The lady wonders what happened since she just took that thing out now.

Kinji arrives home and offers Rim the food that he stole. Rim notices that the food is different and wonders why the food is inside the trash bag. Kinji told Rim to hurry up and eat since he knows that she is hungry. Rim ate the food and didn’t care since she is a dragon from the dungeon. The next day Kinji confronted the queen of monster and told her that she is the worst queen. The queen wonders why a human is there, and Kinji said they are comrades. LAter, Wanibe heads back to work with Kinji.

The Dungeon of Black Company Episode 3 Release Date

The Dungeon of Black Company Episode 3 release date is 23 July 2021. You can watch  The Dungeon of Black Company online on Funimation. and bilibili. You can look at Spoilers & Recap: The Dungeon Of Black Company Episode 2.

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