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Spoilers & Recap: The Dungeon of Black Company Episode 2

The Dungeon Of Black Company Release Date: When will the NEET begin his Journey?

A green-haired man enjoys luxurious life living in a flat earning a lot of money. The Dungeon of Black Company anime is a story about a man who used to be rich but ends up being a slave in another world. The episode begins with a man enjoying a hot suffer in a luxurious flat. The guy stood near the window and saw wage workers heading to the office in the torrential rain with flimsy umbrellas. He enjoys mocking the citizens since he is living high. The guy says he evolved into the ultimate Neet, the Uber Pro Neet.

The man realizes that he used all of his savings and make a considerable fortune. After making a fortune, he invested in overseas real estate, and the business began to make money. After establishing the foundation for earning money without working, he built three apartments in Tokyo and built his castle on the top floor. The man lacks nothing in his life. But things ended instantly when a black hole opens under his legs, and he got sent to another dimension. The only thing that he has was a tablet, and he went to another world naked.

The next day the guy lands in front of monsters and wonders what is happening since he enjoys spending cash. The episode title is ”Welcome to the World of Corporate Grunts.” The green-haired guy got employed in another company and got the uniform. The company leader addresses early in the morning and gives the workers instructions on how they should work. The guy realizes that this world is boring, and he is not used to working for someone since he is the boss in the real world.

Previously on The Dungeon of Black Company Episode 1

The green-haired guy is Kinji Ninomiya, a 24 years old and formerly an uber Neet. One day he arrived in an alien world, Amuria, inhabited by demihumans. A long time ago, the dungeons of this world got packed with monsters and treasure; Humans with powers tackled these dungeons seeking fame and glory. However, as the changes took place in this world, everything changed, and the demihumans worked with humans under the same company.

Demonite, the ore found in dungeons, started being used as an energy source. Government and companies licensed by them begin managing the ”dungeons.” Raiza’ha Mining Corporation’s most significant companies operate the dimonite mines in the Ruins of Detmolt when Kinji arrives. Kinji works with Mr. crazy guy who begins to dance naked after working hard. One of the workers shouts that Mr. Saruyama is dancing naked and pins him with a spear to the ground.

The Dungeon of Black Company

The Dungeon of Black Company

Alien World

The workers realize that Saruyama hasn’t taken a single day off for the last three months. They wonder if he has reached his limit, and he continues dancing naked while they try to restrain him. One of the demihumans confronts Kinji and asks him if he wants to know about his progress. Kinji replies no since he knows that he has been slacking off for three months. That guy kicked him and grabbed him by the collar, reminding him that he only reached 15% of his quota, making the business lose profit.

That guy reminds Kinji that their group status has dropped because of him. Kinji replies that he was not doing well last month. The old geezer told Kinji how he worked hard at a young age, and Kinji must try to work using the power of his youth. Later Kinji vents his anger over a drawing of that old geezer. Kinji wonders why he has to work in these pits with these losers. They work for sixteen-hour every day and barely take rest any week. Kinji realizes that others are sleeping, and he is complaining alone.

Kinji is worried that they are allowed to bathe only once a month. He is surprised to see a skinny skeleton guy grabbing a massive beast with a collar and wonders what is happening. The skeleton guy told Wanibe not to forget about the three R’s report, remind and review. Wanibe apologizes to the skeleton, and Kinji decides to get some food. Kinji made a debt of 2o million gold, but he begins to mean money doing illegal business with Wanibe and the dragon Rim.

The Dungeon of Black Company Episode 2 Release Date

The Dungeon of Black Company Episode 2 release date is 16 July 2021. You can watch  The Dungeon of Black Company online on Funimation.

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