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The Dungeon of Black Company Episode 12: Release Date & Preview

The Dungeon of Black Company

The end of life of Kinji in the slavery world begins with The Dungeon of Black Company Episode 12, with Kinji working on his way to get back his wealthy life as NEET. The Dungeon of Black Company reveals Kinji’s life and journey as he conquered the dungeon in the slavery world. From the latest, The Dungeon of Black Company Episode, Kinji and his crew tried to survive the fifth floor of the dungeon filled with fierce monsters. The remaining team tried to survive as they ran from a gigantic beast. The guards fight with the massive beast, and the captain thinks they are pathetic since they are running away.

The captain realizes that they have to put their lives on the line for Lady Belza since they are her strongest warriors. The beast landed a massive punch, and Kinji pulled the captain back since it was a killer blow. Kinji told the captain to stay focused and stop talking. Rim strikes the gigantic beast and smashes it with a sing fist. The captain is impressed that Rim has killer moves that kill the demons with a single hit. Kinji asks if they have managed to rescue all the bodyguards.

He told them to head to the fourth floor, and they both ride on insects like they are riding horses. The captain gets down and insists that they have to fight since Kinji is talking about retreating. Kinji wonders what this guy is saying since he almost got KO’d, but he is still talking about fighting. The captain reveals that he is Alus Vi Alstein, the leader of Belza’s Bodyguards, and they can all help him. Kinji slapped Alus and said he is a spoiled brat.

Previously on The Dungeon of Black Company Episode 11

Alus falls on the ground after that huge slap, and Kinji reminds him that if he wants something, he can do it himself without relying on others. Kinji reminds Alus about his failures that almost got all of the warriors killed. Alus was trying to be braver than anyone. He scolds him that he is the loser, and Alus wonders how dare this ordinary guy slapped a respected leader and humiliate him in public.  Kinji offers his hand to Alus and comments that he likes that Alus is motivated to push forward no matter the risk.

The Dungeon of Black Company

The Dungeon of Black Company

The two helped each other get up, and Kinji suggested celebrating their new friendship and taking care of these monsters. Alus begins to admire Kinji and realizes that his meeting with Kinji was sudden and shaking. Kinji encourages those in fear, helps those in trouble, and raises the morale of all the troops. They both devise a plan for moving deeper into the ruins. Surprisingly on Rim smashes the beast inside the dungeons. No one has a match against the beast except for Rim. But Kinji talks like he is the one who is assassinating the beasts.

When Rim takes a beast down, the warriors raise their words as they have been in an intense battle. Alus is glad that they are advancing at ease without any struggle since Rim will clear the past, and Kinji motivates everyone. The two had an incredible journey as they conquered this world. After three months, Kinji returned to Japan and continues to live luxury life. He employed all of his friends and created a good working environment for all the goblins and other creatures that suffered in the slavery world.

The Dungeon of Black Company Episode 12 Release Date

The Dungeon of Black Company Episode 12 will be released on 25 September 2021, at 10:30 PM. This last episode of The Dungeon of Black Company will arrive this coming Friday. Look at The Dungeon of Black Company’s official updates and latest details below.

The Dungeon of Black Company

The Dungeon of Black Company

Where To Watch The Dungeon of Black Company Episode 12

You can watch The Dungeon of Black Company Episode 12 online on Funimation. That was all about The Dungeon of Black Company episode finale. Those who miss The Dungeon of Black Company can do anime rewatch.

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