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Preview: The Dungeon Of Black Company Episode 1

The Dungeon of Black Company
The Dungeon of Black Company

The Dungeon of Black Company will join the anime debuting on the second week of July. Let’s look at the summary of the anime before this anime releases its first episode. Kinji Ninomiya is a NEET who collects money through a real-estate investment to pay for a penthouse without working. His misuse of cash opens the portal that gets him teleported to a fantasy world. Kinji suffered in the new world, and he was not used to life around him since he enjoys luxurious life in the real world. He ends up working for a mining company that mistreats the workers when they extract crystals from a dungeon.

Kinji tries to earn more money and gets a good life that he dreams about to come true. A guy is a young man full of confidence, but things changed when he got cast to another world. The tragedy struck his life since he used to think about himself and looked down on others. He got hit by those lines of what goes around comes around. In the underground world, he got poor and sold his expensive Ipad, which runs out of power, and he got beaten since they think that he sold them something that doesn’t work. Kinji ends up incurring a huge debt that got him sold to the labor camp.

The young man spent his day digging in the mines to repay the debt. Kinji saw a secret passage that leads him to lower levels and convince Wanibe to join him. On their way, the two fight with monsters and discover a supply of Demonite; unfortunately, a powerful monster appears. The characters of this anime include Rim, Wanabe, Belza, Boss Goblin, Shia, Ranga, and Dungeon Ant A.

The Dungeon of Black Company Episode 1 Summary

Rim is a feared dragon that can transform into a little girl. Kinji notices that Rim is helpful and bribes her with food to help him. Rim likes to eat, and Kinji takes that to his advantage. In her human form, Rim looks like a young girl with pink hair with two horns. Rim’s body got covered with scales, and when she turns into a dragon, she becomes a bi-pedal dragon. She likes food more than anything else and is ready to eat anything. During the travel to the lower level, Kinji and Wanibe bump with Rim in her dragon form, but hide before she spots them.

The Dungeon of Black Company

Kinji Ninomiya’s new teammates.

Kinji realizes that they are in danger and throw Wanabe into the dragon’s path for him to flee. Later Kinji realizes that he made a mistake and heads back to save Wanabe before he got swallowed. Rim was about to eat Wanabe, and Kinji convinces Rim to stop eating him. The dragon girl replies that she is getting tired of eating her kind and wants to taste the human flesh.

Hero: Philosopher’s Stone

Kinji skriked an offer with her and told her that he would offer her more delicious food that tastes better than humans. The two agree, and Rim decided to protect humans.  Rim turns into a human form and accepts Kinji’s deal, saying that she won’t eat anyone since they will give her more food. Shia Kinou is a strong girl in a battle and out of her struggle. Shia is an unlucky girl, but she works hard, and her excellent work earned the title of  Hero. Kinou is a young lady with blue hair and likes to wield a sword. Kinou loves it when people call her Hero, and she blushes if the words are coming from a guy.

Shia is the most loyal and faithful girl to the mining company. One Shia descends from the fifth floor and discovers the Philosopher’s Stone. That day the company gave her the title of a Hero due to her hard work. In the next mission, Kinji got paired with Shia for exploring throughout the dungeon. The two battles with the monsters. They anger Rim when they almost attack her, thinking that it is another monster.

Kinji decided to hide the secret that he hangs out with the monsters, but Shia chose to report the incident to higher-ups. Kinji blackmails her by taking pictures with monsters and telling her that she will ruin her reputation, and the public will think she is also part of the plan. Shia decided to work with Kinji without revealing the truth. Let’s look at the schedule below.

The Dungeon of Black Company Episode 1 Release Date

The Dungeon of Black Company Episode 1 release date is 9 July 2021. You can watch  The Dungeon of Black Company online on Funimation.

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