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Spoilers & Preview: The Duke of Death and His Maid Episode 1

The Duke of Death and His Maid
The Duke of Death and His Maid

The Duke of Death and His Maid is making its debut early in the Summer season anime list. Duke is a young man with black hair, and he got cursed ever since he was born. He loves wearing a hat to hide his hair and has circles in his eyes. Duke dresses like a butler and changes his outfit to a plague doctor and his signature top hat when Duke goes somewhere. Duke is weak and firstborn from his noble family, and he was the next heir to his family until they find the truth about his curse.

Duke wields a curse called the ”Death Touche” that kills everything that he touches. He lives alone in a mansion located deep within the woods forest with his workers Alice and Rob. Duke receives a Deadly Touch from the witch who cursed him at a young age. But he wears something that prevents his Death Touch from killing things. Water is Duke’s younger brother with brown hair and amber color eyes. Walter loves to wear a red wool sweater over his clothes and black belt, black pants, and shoes.

Walter is well-known for inferiority complex with his older brother and tries to surpass him. He is the second born from Duke’s family, and he witnessed Duke getting kicked out of their family due to his curse. Caph is a witch who works in a circus with Zain. Caph loves to wear a white dress and possesses fire magic. Alice Lendrott takes care of Duke’s mansion and helps Duke with his daily duties and Rob’s family butler. Alice is a beautiful young lady with short blond hair and blue eyes.

The Duke of Death and His Maid Plot Summary

Duke enjoys his life in the mansions, but he didn’t care that his real family abandoned him because of his curse. Alice is the chief maid in Duke’s house, and she enjoys teasing him. The family enjoys eating food cooked by the maid. Rob is an old geezer with ash-gray hair that covers his right eye and a mustache. Rob has an eyepatch on his right eye and wears a charcoal black suit with black shoes. The workers enjoy serving Duke due to his kind, and they notice that Duke will never abandon them.

The royal notice that Rob is too old and kicked him out of the mansion just like his master Duke. Rob is Viola’s affections, but he is unaware that it is a Magic Cauldron’s. Duke’s grandmother and father saved Rob after getting kicked out of the house, and he was a poor man who got involved in different street fights. Viola has long ponytail hair and amber color eyes. She loves to wear a red vest and a white long-sleeved top. Viola is the youngest daughter in the family who loves Duke’s; she loves old geezers and sweets.

The Duke of Death and His Maid

The Duke of Death and His Maid

A Day in the Life of the Black Maid

Alice earned the title of a black maid; she wakes up after a seven-hour sleep and gets ready to begin with, he daily duties. Early in the morning, Alice Sweep the estate enjoys e breakfast with Rob wakes her master Duke up. She serves breakfast to Duke and does the laundry if it is sunny outside. Alice enjoys having fun with my Duke. Later, she prepares lunch and enjoys it with Rob and serves that lunch to master,  around three fetch the laundry, and then relax. In the afternoon, Alice enjoys having fun with my Duke.

Later they prepare dinner enjoyed it with Rob and the rest of the family. At night Duke enjoys reading books with Alice, and she escorts him to bed when she notices that he is dozing off. The family treats their master like a king, and they enjoy having fun together despite their upside-down past. Duke and the servants’ story got set in a mansion where they reside after being chased away. Viola is Duke’s younger sister. Alice tries to seduce Duke all the time, but he suppressed his feelings and decided not to touch her.

Duke realizes that if he touches Alice, she will die instantly due to his curse. The mansion becomes filled with love, joy, and romance, and everyone lives without any burden. Alice began to make her move on Duke and wants to become his real wife. The story behind his curse will get revealed soon and how Duke got kicked out of the house. Let’s look at the following details to find The Duke of Death and His Maid below. Let’s on Sunday with the upcoming episode updates.

The Duke of Death and His Maid Episode 1 Release Date

The Duke of Death and His Maid Episode 1 release date is 4 July 2021. You can access The Duke of Death and His Maid online on  ANIPLUS.

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