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The Dry Ending Explained: Who Killed Elle?

Today we will explain who killed Elle and what happens at the ending of The Dry. The Dry is a mystery thriller directed by Robert Connolly. The drama is an adaptation of the book- The Dry (same name), written by Jane Harper. The film earned $3.5 million during its opening weekend at the OZ box office. It made The Dry one of the highest-grossing Australian films in the opening weekend! Produced by Eric Bana, Robert Connolly, the film got a high appraisal from the audience. The lead actor of The Dry is Eric Bana, who plays the role of the detective Aaron Folk. The premiere of The Dry was in December 2020.

Misgivings and distrust drive out a person from his well-landscaped rural homeland. Conjectures fly thick and fast in this small town. Two decades later, the same person comes back, this time for a lost friend and also as a detective. A cryptic eight-worded short letter compels him to see his friend for one last time. He gets torn between the love of his childhood friend and the forgettable memories. Aaron visits the dusty, hot, and humid place he once called his home.

Aaron Falk belonged to a quaint little town known as ”Kiewarra”. Everything around was green with rivers flowing. People knew each other by their first name, and the relationships blossomed here. Many things changed with time. Aaron came to pay his last respect to his departed friend, Luke. Aaron gets the news that Luke killed his wife and son, then kills himself. But there remained one memory, a deep unsolved trauma. Which, The Dry as a bone town kept its flames alive. So what happens at the ending of this thriller – The Dry.

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The Dry Ending Explained

The Dry


It was the death by drowning of Elle Deacon, a friend of Aaron and Luke. Law enforcement questions Aaron and Luke on this. Aaron and Luke got away with alibis. People in the town blame Aaron and Luke for Elle’s death. Luke’s father does not share this view and requests Aaron to pursue the truth behind the killing. Aaron reluctantly agrees. Aaron attends the funeral, his late friends’ father looking at him for a solution.

A collage of the four friends during their younger days was flashing across. The senior Hadler had mentioned to Aaron that both his son and Aaron were liars. At his insistence, Aaron stays back. Gerry and his wife explained that it could be a money issue as everyone in town was hard up. The detective also wanted a solution to the untimely death of Elle. He badly needed to get his name off the minds of the angry unwelcoming town. The grass he and Luke used to lie down to become yellow.

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Who Killed Elle?

Young Aaron

Aaron & Luke

The area did not receive rainfall for a considerable period and, rivers ran dry. Businesses were down, shops just managing to exist. It lost the earlier vibrancy enjoyed during their younger days of Luke and Aaron. There was nothing to feed the livestock. Farmers said this was the century’s worst drought. The tension was getting palpable. The detective has an uphill task as he faces a belligerent lot.

The residents did not appreciate his role as a detective. They had not forgiven him. Aaron begins his task and does not trust anyone other than an old acquaintance, Gretchen. He knew Luke was a respected resident in the community. Aaron believed that Luke’s death was unnatural, a homicide killing. It can unravel many secrets of this town. Little by little, he begins to gather pieces that threw light on these mysterious killings.

The Dry Ending Explained


The Dry Ending Explained: Who Killed Elle?

At the ending of The Dry, The local pub owner talks to Aaron and says the school principal is a frequent visitor to the pub and spends time in the slots gambling away. The principal, Scott Whitlam, who is running in debt, got a notification from a trust. The trust-Crossley Educational messaged him about funding. The only person who kept a check on the school finances was Karen. Karen wanted to know where have the funds gone.

The principal hatched a plan to kill Luke and Karen. Otherwise, he would have been exposed in front of the whole community. The detective gets a message from the trust about the funds. He then goes in search of the principal, who soon admits to the killing. The mystery of Elle remained as the killer, her dad, had a clue to escape. It was Aaron’s name on a paper, a name whom she trusted.

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