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The Dragon Prince Season 4 Updates: When is it Coming To Netflix?

Well, all the fans of the animated drama called The Dragon Prince are aware of the fact that it excels in the science and fiction genre. The show has been created by Aaron Ehasz as well as Justin Richmond. It has been produced under the banner of Bardel Entertainment. The main focus of the series is on Callum as well as Ezran who also has an elf named Rayla. The two are half brothers born in a royal family. Their purpose is to resolve the war between the human nations as well as all the other mystical creatures who are living on Xadia.

All this while, the two brothers also have to look after their newborn dragon prince named Azymondias. The first three installments of the show were provided to us at an excellent pace. The creators of Avatar: The Last Airbender were the ones to develop this animated show for Netflix. They even were successful in delivering 27 episodes in just a year. After much popularity, and an amazing plot, fans have become curious about the release of The Dragon Prince season 4. Well, if you are someone who is doing that too, then here we have wrapped up all the information that might interest your curiosity.

The Dragon Prince Season 4 Release Date Update

A still from The Dragon Prince

The Dragon Prince Season 4 Release Date

The Dragon Prince season 4 release date has not been decided till this point in time. There has been a lot of media coverage regarding the next episode and everybody wanted to know about the next season. Previously, we have been following the official Twitter account created for the show. As per the new tweets, the creators said that it is hard to announce a release date right now. Although, it is hopeful that a new season will surely drop out this year. There even are some teasers for other multimedia projects of the sort such as video games and such.

Although, a confirmed release date for the show has not been provided to us till now. Also, we can not even predict a launch date because of the irregular pattern of release of the previous season. We had the first season in the latter half of 2018 while the other two came out in 2019 itself. Then we had no new releases in 2020. Thus, there is nothing to predict about 2021 as well. All this while, the creators have hinted during the Comic-Con that their team is working flawlessly on the whole project and will bring forth a significantly new storyline to amaze us this time.

All the previous installments of the animated series are available to watch on Netflix, the streaming giant, right now. Also, you guys should keep in mind that a third season ended on a huge cliffhanger which means that we will be provided with answers in the episode of this season. Unfortunately, there is more wait for us when it comes to a release date for the series.

The Dragon Prince Season 4 Recap 

Back in the show, we saw that Ezran as well as Callum and Rayla are the parts of Xadia and the five human kingdoms. Thus, they are trying to abolish the injustices seen in the previous episodes of the show. In the final episode of The Dragon Prince season 3, we saw that Viren and Aravis combine their forces. Although, they are not able to drain the life force of Zym. This episode was titled The Final Battle. Also, there was a possible explanation provided to us in the final episode of the series. We saw that Zubia is the mother dragon and she awakens to watch over her son.

On the other hand, things potentially changed when Claudia unveils to everyone that Viren was actually brought back to life by her mother. Now, I understand that all you guys must be curious about the plot of The Dragon Prince season 4. Although, it is sad to know that nothing has been hinted at by the fans by the creators, not even a short PR release. It means that we probably have to wait a while before jumping into the information for the next episode.

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