The Devil Judge: New Teaser, Poster & Plot Updates

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The devil judge
The devil judge cr: tvN

The Devil Judge is an upcoming South Korean Television series. Moreover, the series has the talented Moon Yoo Seok as its writer. Moon Yoo Seok has written two dramas which are the devil judge and Ms. Hammurabi. Besides the writer, the drama has a thrilling storyline. It gives the vibe of a drama that will keep you on your toes all the time. And for those who might be interested in the drama, the drama will also have a webtoon adaption coming out soon.

The story of the drama might keep people who like mystery interested in it. This drama will show a judge named Kang Yo Han turns a courtroom into some sort of reality show. And in it, Kang Yo Han punishes people who have performed evil sins. Also, his punishments are known to be merciless and grave. Kang Yo Han has a royal type of vibe radiating from him. He s quite elegant and handsome. And in the drama, we will see people trying to find out what his secret is.

Jung Sun A is the executive director of the Social Responsibility Foundation. Also, she is known as Kang Yo Han’s rival. Furthermore, she will be using her wits and also her beauty to defeat Kang Yo Han. And Kang Yo Han is also well known to shake the whole country if she wants to because of her close relationships with people of politics. She is a woman of power! Next, Kim Ga On and Yoon Soo Hyun are childhood friends. Kim Ga On will be able to sit as a judge due to his hard work. And his friend Yoon Soo Hyun will be the one who will be trying to find out what Kang Yo Han’s secret can be.

The Devil Judge Releases New Posters

The devil judge cr: tvN

In the first poster, we can see that Kim Ga On and Kang Yo Han are not looking very friendly. It looks like Kim Ga On gets suspicious of him. In the poster, we could see Kang Yo Han asking him on whose side will he be. Will he be by his side or stand as an obstacle? Also, we think that Kang Yo Han can take Kang Yo Han’s ambition to his advantage.

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In the second poster, we see Jung Sun A covering one of Kang Yo Han’s eyes with her hand. As already mentioned, Jung Sun A can shake the whole country if she wants to, and she can even shake the unshakable Kang Yo Han. In the poster, she is telling him that he is still the same. He still takes things that are not his. She excites us the most as she seems like a boss lady. It looks like Jung Sun A may become one of the most loved badass female characters in drama history.

The devil judge
The devil judge cr: tvN

Lastly, we see Kim Ga On and Yoon Soo Hyun revealing the fact that they may be the only couple in this drama. Yoon Soo Hyun is a very beautiful and lively detective. No one except Kim Ga On has been immune to her charms. She says in the poster that she doesn’t like to see him being sad, which is why she had confessed to him five times.  WE can expect these two to have a very complicated relationship. With Kang Yo Han’s secret between them and whether Kim Ga On will return Yoon Soo Hyun’s love that she has for him.

The Devil Judge Releases New Teasers

The teaser truly contradicts the act that there may be more than one couple in the drama. It could be that the characters Kang Yo Han and Jung Sun A are in a relationship. Or maybe Kang Yo Han is in a relationship with her to protect his secret or Jung Sun A is in a relationship with him to find out what his secret can be. In the teaser, Jung Sun A says to Kang Yo Han that they are the same type of people. And the teaser ends with Kang Yo Han telling her not to attack him again, and she replies by saying that attacking him is fun.

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The drama will be available to watch on Viki by July 3 at 21 KST.

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