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Spoilers: The Devil Judge Episode 5

The Devil Judge Episode 7
The Devil Judge cr: tvN

The Devil Judge Episode 5 is going to be released pretty soon! The Devil Judge is an ongoing South Korean TV series. It is about a mysterious judge who has a peculiar way to give justice. Moreover, two childhood friends would be going on a search for his secret. Fans praise the drama’s professionalism in every field, such as the cinematography and music of the drama. Also, the casts’ acting is praise-worthy. Each cast member from Ji Sung to Jinyoung and more just gave us goosebumps with their acting skills in the drama. Ji Sung has done shown us what he is capable of with this drama, and we could assure you that this comeback of the actor is incredible.

And of course, Jinyoung has left a great impression on the audience with this drama. Plus, Kim Min Jung has portrayed the character of the power-hungry Jung Sun Ah perfectly. One of the reasons to watch the drama is its amazing and indulging storyline. Physiological thriller fans have been overly excited after watching the episodes of the drama. Furthermore, it had made quite a good first impression on its audience from the first episode. Keep reading to find out more about the release date of The Devil Judge Episode 5, and also want to find out some spoilers of the episode.

The Devil Judge Episode 5 Release Date

The drama has till now released four splendid episodes. You can not at any cost lift your eyes from the screen. More importantly, you can not take your eyes off Kang Yo Han. The viewers say that no one knows what he could do in just seconds. Also, he has a secretive aura about him that you can catch a sniff of with a glance. Fans are confused whether he is a good person or just a psychopath who likes to mess with people’s minds for fun. After watching the episodes of this drama, new kdrama viewers have started to realize why Jisung’s acting is highly praised.

The Devil Judge Episode 5

Jung Sun Ah cr: tvN

Another character who had played with our minds was Jung Sun Ah. Although she looks innocent, she is very devious which weirdly makes us more excited about the drama. Additionally, the drama had also seen a  rise in its viewership ratings for the release of its third and fourth episodes. With a story that is so interesting, why wouldn’t the viewership rise? Also, the drama will be releasing episode 5 of The Devil Judge on Saturday, 17th June. Viewers can watch it on Rakuten Viki with a subscription.

What To Expect From The Episode?

The ending of the fourth episode had us twisting our bodies. We have never seen such a psychopath as Kang Yo Han. Everyone had been crying their eyes out after hearing the brutality of the church fire incident, and in the last milliseconds of the episode, everyone felt betrayed. After Ga On left the room, Kang Yo Han said that everyone loves stories like these with a psychopathic look in his eyes. These last seconds of the episodes have made us realize that Kang Yo Han is a big psychopath and knows how to manipulate people. And if the story isn’t true, then did Kang Yo Han kill his own brother? There might be a lot of evidence pointing to this theory, such as the housemaid’s and Issac’s daughter Elijah’s attitude towards Knag Yo Han. Maybe both of them know something and are hiding it. Also, there is a question that why does he want to bring Kim Ga On on his side?

The Devil Judge Episode 5

Kang Yo Han and Kim Ga On cr: tvN

Halfway through the previous episode Jung Sun Ah had given us quite a shock. We did not expect her to be that villainous. It turns out that she is the mastermind behind Seo Jang Hak. We thought our eyes were playing tricks when Seo Jang Hak started to kneel and plead like a dog for forgiveness from Jung Sun Ah. From the preview, it turns out that she would be helping out Cha Kyung Hee. We can see the rivalry between Jung Sun Ah and Kim Ga On has started to grow.

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