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Spoilers & Preview: The Devil Judge Episode 3

The Devil Judge Episode 3
The Devil Judge cast cr: tvN

The Devil Judge Episode 3 release date is coming soon, and we can’t hide our excitement. Furthermore, The Devil Judge showcased a promising start, and fans are beyond excited. Not only did it excite fans, but it seems like the entire nation loves it as The Devil Judge garnered the top spot in ratings. Moreover, The Devil Judge has caught fan’s attention with just two episodes, and the wait for The Devil Judge Episode 3 is painful. Along with a very talented cast, the show contains amazing music, beautiful cinematography, and catchy dialogues.

The oncoming show The Devil Judge premiered on July 3. Furthermore, this is a South Korean television series that will be broadcasted on tvN. Moreover, The Devil Judge is set in an anti-utopian Korea. As chaos erupts across the nation and people are filled with hatred towards their leaders, The Devil Judge arises. He gives ruthless sentences to those found guilty in his courtroom. Furthermore, the trials in the court are broadcasted live, and the decision is taken based on people’s voting. If the intriguing storyline did not impress you, the cast surely will. This show stars Ji Sung, Park Jinyoung, Kim Min Jung, Park Gyu Young, and Ahn Nae Sang. In this article, we will give you all the details regarding The Devil Judge Episode 3 release date and preview.

The Devil Judge Episode 3 Release Date

The drama has been kept the viewers on their toes. The episodes have been extremely thrilling, and the acting of the cast has been top-notch. Also, the viewers had enjoyed the way they deliver messages to the viewers and how each and everything should not be missed to understand the story. Plus Ji Sung’s acting has been incredible. The mysterious and vampire-like aura radiates off of him. And the story so far has been pretty interesting. We might not know what Kang Yo Han’s secret may be, but we are super excited to see Kim Ga On and Yoon Soon Hyun discover his secret or secrets. Overall this drama has us glued to our screens.

The Devil Judge Episode 3

Kim Ga On and Yoon So Hyun cr: tvN

The drama had started to release on the 3rd of July and is supposed to air on the 22nd of August. Till now, the drama has aired its first two episodes, which have captured our attention from the get-go. Also, the series has panned, releasing sixteen mystery-filled episodes, so there are fourteen more splendid episodes to go. The Devil Judge Episode 3 will be released on the 10th of July on Saturday. Moreover, the drama has taken up the spot of the amazing kdrama Mine, which starred Ji Sung’s wife Lee Bo Young. New episodes of the drama will release every Saturday and Sunday on tvN. International fans can watch it on Rakuten Viki.

The Devil Judge Episode 3 Preview

The second episode had ended on quite a surprising note. When Kim Ga On had gone to check on his hearing device, he had gotten caught up by Kang Yo Han. But both of them were victims of a secret bomb planted in Kang Yo Han’s painting. Thankfully they weren’t badly hurt, and we can see Kang Yo Han carrying Kim Ga On as he had fainted. So, the net episode which s episode 3, may reveal who had planted the bomb inside Kang Yo Han’s painting.

The Devil Judge Episode 3

Kang Yo Han and Jung Sun Ah cr: tvN

In the preview, Kang Yo Han could be heard telling the public that the judges could be protected only by the public. Plus, we can see the rivalry grow between Jung Sun Ah and Kang Yo Han. Jung Sun Ah, who is power-hungry apparently sees Kang yo Han as an obstacle to her way to ultimate power. Also, it looks like Kim Ga On finds out who and why had some planted the bomb behind the painting. And it looks like Kang Yo Han is trying to hide something from the police, but we trust our girl Yoon Soo Hyun to find out what is going on. And then the preview ended with Kim Ga On telling someone that he suspects Kang Yo Han about something.

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