The Devil Judge Episode 16 Release Date – What To Look Forward In The Finale?

The Devil Judge episode 16
Su-Hyeon gets shot in Ep 13 in The Devil Judge (cr: tvN)

The Devil Judge Episode 16 will mark the end of the tvN drama. And the fans are not ready to bid goodbye to the incredible characters yet. But, as everything must come to an end, The Devil Judge will conclude the excellent plot with its sixteenth episode. After bidding goodbye to Yoon Soo Hyun in episode 14, the fans can’t wait to see how the story will end. There are a variety of crucial factors to look forward to in the final episode. But, first, get all the episode details. From release date to preview to the aftermath. Here’s your guide to The Devil Judge episode 16.

The Devil Judge is a South Korean mystery law drama that made its debut on July 3, 2021. The show started with a banger as the audience fell in love with the bold acting and storyline. Furthermore, the leading cast- Ji Sung, Kim Min Jung, Park Jin Young, Park Gyu Young- is another reason behind the drama’s success. Ji Sung and Min Jung’s chemistry is undoubtedly fire, appealing to people more. Hence, it will be hard for the fans to bid it goodbye.

The show also stars Jang Young Nam, Baek Hyun Jin, Kim Jae Kyung, Kang Elijah, Min Jung Ho, and many others. Meanwhile, Choi Jung Gyu (Children of Nobody) directs it, and Moon Yoo Seok (Miss Hammurabi) pen downs the script.

So, what to expect from the finale of The Devil Judge?

The Devil Judge Episode 16 Release Date and More

The Devil Judge episode 16 is releasing on August 22, 2021. The episode will mark the show’s end, and fans expect to see a satisfying ending in the finale. Until now, especially after the last premiered episode (Ep 14), fans cannot pinpoint the future of The Devil Judge. The penultimate episode or The Devil Judge episode 15 is yet to premiere on August 21, 2021. After it is aired, fans will be able to figure out the ending. But, the fans would also enjoy the suspense and mystery element until the very end.

Since the show’s beginning, fans have been confused to decide who the devil is – Is it Kim Yo Han (Ji Sung) or Jung Sun Ah (Kim Min Jung)? Although the early episodes portrayed Kim Yo Han as an evil character, Jung Sun Ah proves herself to be the ultimate villain as we move forward to the finale. On the other hand, Kim Ga-On (Jinyoung) is having a hard time after Su-Hyeon’s (Park Guy-Yong) death. The two expressed their love for each other in episode 14, but destiny had other plans.

The Devil Judge episode 16
Ga-On and Su-Hyeon (cr: tvN)

Will the corrupt leaders face punishment in the finale? What will happen to Yo Han, and will Sun-Ah get away with her evil plans? And how will GA-On move on with his life after Su-Hyeon’s death? We have to wait for some to get our answers.

The show is available to watch on the tvN network in South Korea. However, international fans can catch up on the latest episodes on Rakuten Viki here. 

Episode 14 Review- Did Kim Yo Han Plan Su-Hyeon’s Death?

In the final moments of episode 13, we find Su-Hyeon getting shot. As soon as the frame opened for episode 14, fans got emotional, but they were also curious to know if Yo Han planned the shooting. He had never done anything to help Ga-On’s now dead friend. But later, he revealed how  Social Responsibility Foundation was the one behind her death.

The shot did not felt like a mistake to the viewers, it was more targeted, and the fans are now confused if Yo Han had any ulterior motives to get Su-Hyeon shot. She was shot right after she met with the church priest, who kept a low profile.

The Devil Judge episode 16
Sun-Ah (cr: tvN)

Currently, it’s difficult to put the blame on Yo-Han, but the way he urged and filled Ga-On with anger towards the foundation was clear. Things might be confusing right now, but we hope the ending makes the fans happy.

Until then, watch the latest episode on Rakuten Viki. And, gear up for the finale episodes.

Until then, keep reading and stay tuned for more.

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