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The Detective is Already Dead Episode 9: Release Date & Preview

The Detective is Already Dead
The Detective is Already Dead

The Legendary Detective and the Sidekick arc begins with The Detective is Already Dead Episode 9 with Siesta and Kimihiko dealing with the criminal and fighting against Jack the Ripper. The Detective is Already Dead follows two lovers who fall in love while solving criminal incidents. And this will make its debut this weekend. The recent episode of The Detective is Already Dead saw Kimihiko working with substitute detective Alice since Siesta got injured during the battle with the last enemy. But now she is back to her duty, and the two are working in mysterious criminal activities.

The episode begins with the Legendary Detective and the Sidekick talking about the next mission. Siesta comments that allowing him to cook was the worst idea since the food is too hard to chew. The two spoke about Cerberus, and Siesta reveals that Cerberus is dead. The two wonder who that imposter is, Fuubi, and realizes that Hel is posing as Fuubi, the police detective. Kimihiko wonders how since Hel didn’t have any shapeshifting capability. Siesta reveals that Androids are being born with something as their core.

When the Androids take over another’s core, they can inherit exceptional capabilities. Kimihiko realizes that Siesta is talking about that black stone and wonders if Hel has inherited Cerberus’s powers and mission and is harvesting people’s hearts. Siesta comments that it might be Hel’s benefit, and Kimihiko asks if they can mix and match parts like dress-up dolls. Siesta explains why they can do that, and they have to stop the string of murders. Kimihiko realizes that they will be busy, and Alice told them not to worry about her. Alice thinks that the murder case needs to take priority.

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Previously on The Detective is Already Dead Episode 8

Siesta realizes that Alice wants to include her and asks her why she came here. Alice begs Siesta to let her help with the case. Siesta refused and told Alice that they are dealing with a deadly case and she can’t allow Alice to enter the pool of death. Alice reminds Siesta that she solved the case with Kimihiko two weeks ago. Siesta replies that solving the cat cases and delivering lost wallets to police is not the same as the murder case. Alice told her that the case is the same whether they are big or small, and she is a detective, too.

The Detective is Already Dead

The Detective is Already Dead

Kimihiko told the two to calm down. Siesta reminds her that she was a substitute detective and there is nothing more for her here to do since she has returned to take over. Kimihiko thinks that Siesta is hard on Alice. Siesta wonders if Kimihiko is siding with her. Alice decided that she will work alone and solve the case proving that she is a detective. Kimihiko agrees to help her, and Alice said Kimiko would be her Sidekick. The trio went to meet the lady and ask her about the day of the incident.

The lady gave them all the information and what happened on that day. Kimihiko bought a ring for Alice and put it on her like he is proposing. Siesta gets angry and locks herself inside the room. But the two patch up during the mission when they rescue Alice, who got injured. Later after recovery, Alica thinks that she is not qualified enough to be a  Legendary Detective, but she took a knife and tried to kill Kimihiko. The enemy controlling her arrives, and it is Chameleon.

The Detective is Already-Dead Episode 9 Release Date

The Detective is Already-Dead Episode 9 will be released on 29 August 2021, at 9:30 PM. The new episode of The Detective is Already Dead will be online on Sunday. The Detective is Already Dead is about to conclude with few episodes to episode finale. Let’s look at The Detective is Already Dead Episode 9 preview below.

Where To Watch The Detective is Already-Dead Episode 9?

You can watch The Detective is Already-Dead Episode 9 online on Funimation. The Detective is Already Dead updates new details and episodes online on the Twitter account, website, and other platforms.

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