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Spoilers: The Detective is Already Dead Episode 2

The Detective is Already Dead

The thugs enter a plane and begin hijacking; a boy who has nothing to do with the hijacking gets pulled into becoming a girl detective’s assistant to resolve the case. After a few years, the boy continues with his adventures as a detective and chases a mysterious organization. After the detective’s death, he got approached by a familiar girl who asks him to do something. Let’s find episode two of The Detective is Already Dead has to offer here. Let’s look at how the hijacking story begins. The passengers receive a message and get asked if there is a detective on board.

The boy sitting near the window, thinking that he imagines things, realizes that he encounters trouble everywhere he goes. One day he got caught up with a flash mob and saw some guys smuggling drugs in the streets. The boy has experienced several murders scenes across the world. During the incident, a lady officer recognized the boy, and they help each other solve the case. When he was coming from work, he got kidnapped and threatened to go overseas to send a briefcase that he is unaware of what is inside.

On his way, one of the ladies asks if there is a detective inside the plane. The boy continues to think that he is daydreaming. Later the boy realizes that it is not a dream; it is reality, but he decides to relax since he is not a detective. One of the girls sitting nearby raised her hand and said she is a detective. The boy looks at that girl and asks her name, and the girls look at him while telling him to be her sidekick. She pulls the hand of that guy and said he is her sidekick.

Previously on The Detective is Already Dead Episode 1

The lady working on the plane told the two to follow her. On the way, the girl reveals that her name is Siesta. The boy thinks it is an odd name, and the girl shows that it is her code name. Siesta as the boy about his name, and she replies that he is Kinizuka Kimihiko. Siesta told him that she would call him Kimi. Kimihiko wonders if that was a nickname or a Japanese word from Siesta. Siesta replies that Kimi can choose one between those two, and the trio arrives at the door.

The lady leading the way knocked on the door to the pilot room and said she had brought the detective and her sidekick. When they enter the room, Kimihiko is surprised to see one of the pilots dead, and the other one is controlling the plane while sweating. The thug is sitting on the corpse of the dead pilot. The guy comments that he knew that there was a detective on board. The thug is impressed that there are young detectives around.

The Detective is Already Dead

The Detective is Already Dead

Criminal’s Code Name: Deadly Game

Siesta asks the killer to tell her his name, and Kimihiko realizes that he got dragged into a mess even though he is not a cop. The guy replies that he has a cold name and is known as Bat. Kimihiko realizes that Bat is using the criminal’s code name. Siesta reminds Kimi that he told him that everyone has a code name. Kimihiko replies that it is not time to talk about that since they have to face the worst case in front of them. Siesta didn’t break the code and said she is Siesta, and his sidekick is Watson. They were born and raised together on Baker Street.

Siesta asks Bat what he wants and why he calls her a legendary detective. Bt replies that Siesta is a funny person, and if she cooperates, he will withdraw from cutting the pilot’s neck. Siesta asks Bat f he calls them to tell them jokes. Bat replies that it is accurate, and it is like a game, a deadly game in which 600 passengers’ lives are at stake. Bat also told them that they have to summarize his reasons for this hijack attempt to win. Siesta realizes that this killer is saying that if they succeed, everyone will live and if not, everyone will die.

Siesta reminds Bat that they are on the same plane, and if they all die, he will meet the same fate. She wonders if the idiot doesn’t value his life. Bat replies that if he doesn’t play games, he feels like he is not alive. Later they find that Bat is a SPES android of superhuman intellect to menace the world covertly. The battle with him saved everyone; after few years, the two got married and had a wonderful family.

The Detective is Already Dead Episode 2 Release Date

The Detective is Already Dead Episode 2 release date is 11 July 2021. You can The Detective is Already Dead online on Funimation.

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