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The Detective is Already Dead Episode 12: Release Date & Spoilers

The Detective is Already Dead

The last murder case of the Legendary Detective and the Sidekick starts with The Detective is Already Dead Episode 12, with Kimihiko saving Nagisa from a villain named Chameleon. This is The Detective is Already Dead episode finale that will release this coming Sunday. From the latest The Detective is Already Dead episode, Chameleon uses his tail to squeeze Nagisa, trying to drown her into the ocean. Chameleon told Kimihiko to give up and surrender, or Nagisa is dead. Kimihiko refuses and replies that Nagisa won’t die before he dies. He shoots Chameleon on his chest, and Nagisa falls inside the water. But Yui arrives with a boat and catches Nagisa.

Yui apologizes to Nagisa, who is inside the big ship that she took a long time to come. Kimihiko realizes that Yui has twinkling blue that shines even in the dark and is worth three billion yen. Chameleon revises and gets furious that Kimihiko has ruined his plans. He decides not to hold back. Chameleon took his natural form and told Kimihiko that this was his grave. Kimihiko recalls having lunch with Siesta at a restaurant and said she is more like a secret agent than a detective. The two talked about Legendary Detective stuff.

Siesta comments that a Detective protects the interest of a client all the time. She adds that she is proud of that, and she will always have a past and future; Kimihiko realizes that Siesta stood firm in her own identity as a detective. He understands what Siesta meant by her Detective definition. Kimihiko believes that is why Siesta is a Legendary Detective by nature. Cut to Chameleon vs. Kimihiko, who continues to swing.

Previously on The Detective is Already Dead Episode 11

Kimihiko realizes that they almost died, but he is glad that he saved Nagisa. He realizes that Yui’s arrival means they have evacuated all the passengers. Kimihiko decided to take down Chameleon with him even if it took the ship to sink. Chameleon asks him if he is ready to die alone. Kimihiko replies that they will die together along with this boat. Chameleon adds that he will never hand over his life to a weakling. But after killing Kimihiko, he will assassinate those girls. Kimihiko realizes that this guy is a ferocious monster and he needs to be stopped. Chameleon told him that he would make the girls suffer before they meet their end.

The Detective is Already Dead Episode 11

The Detective is Already Dead Episode 11

Kimihiko wonders what this guy is saying, and Chameleon reminds Kimihiko about Yui’s eye and the heart that Nagisa possesses, and it will be valuable assets to him.  Chameleon adds that he will torture them, and they will beg for him to kill them. He decided to fight since talking is delaying him from his plans. Chameleon asks Kimihiko if he has made a reservation for a trip to Hell. Kimihiko replies that it is unfortunate since that destination is not on his itinerary. Chameleon enhances his body, and Kimihiko’s bullets can’t hurt his body.

The two exchange blows, but Kimihiko is doing hit and run to find how he can defeat Chameleon. Chameleon told him not to get overconfident and hit him with his tail while sending him flying. He asks Kimihiko how an ordinary human like him defeats the monsters like them. Kimihiko told Chamelon to stop running his mouth and fight. Chameleon replies that he will kill everyone without fail. After an intense battle, they team up and defeat Chameleon.

The Detective is Already Dead Episode 11

Still from The Detective is Already Dead Episode 11

The Detective is Already-Dead Episode 12 Release Date

The Detective is Already Dead Episode 12 will be released on 19 September 2021, at 9:30 PM. Note that this is the last episode of The Detective is Already Dead since Chameleon and Jack the Reaper got defeated, and this will be on Sunday. Let’s look at The Detective is Already Dead Episode 12 preview below.

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Where To Watch The Detective is Already Dead Episode 12

You can watch The Detective is Already Dead Episode 12 online on Funimation and Muse Asia. That was all about The Detective is Already Dead episode finale; you can do anime rewatch online on anime’s streaming platforms.

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