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The Detective is Already Dead Episode 11: Release Date & Spoilers

The Detective is Already Dead

The tale of Legendary Detective starts with The Detective is Already Dead Episode 11 with Siesta and Kimihiko solving the case of Hell, who became Jack the Ripper. This second last episode will release this weekend. From the latest The Detective is Already Dead episode, Kimihiko battled with the Seed, and Siesta clashed with Hell. Kimihiko managed to defeat the Seed and head to rescue Siesta. The episode begins with Nagisa explaining their era and how she fought the android as a detective. Nagisa realizes that she got new life from Kimihiko as the Legendary Detective.

Nagisa realizes that it is how her new life has begun, and she is living it to the fullest. She realizes that she has been reborn after working with her sidekick. Nagisa realizes that she has a dream as a Legendary Detective, and it was the dream about a person who had formerly fought against. She realizes that Siesta has the opposite personality to her. The two have met in the past and talked about something and help each other. Nagisa realizes that she won in the past, but Siesta showed her maturity.

Nagisa remembers that Siesta told her that she is leaving the responsibility of Kimihiko to her. But she still wants to become someone instead of Legendary Detective. On the other side, Kimihiko is traveling on a boat thinking about something. He realizes that school summer vacation had begun. Kimihiko realizes that he made a promise to Nagisa and Saikawa. Saikawa arrives, and Kimihiko realizes that they are heading to the Aegean Sea. Kimihiko asks her why it turned into an eight-day shipboard journey. Nagisa also joins the two and supports Saikawa.

Previously on The Detective is Already Dead Episode 10

Nagisa thanks Saikawa for taking them out, and Saikawa replies that it is the least she can do to repay them. Kimihiko told Saikawa to help them fight with SPES, and that is when he will have no complaints. Saikawa replies that she will help them with anything she can. Char appears, and Nagisa asks if he knows her. Kimihiko replies that Char was his associate in the past. Char comments that she thought they would never meet again, and Kimihiko is glad she is okay. Char believes that it is a coincidence for Kimihiko to be in this boat.

The Detective is Already Dead

The Detective is Already Dead

Kimihiko wonders if there is something in this ship. Char asks him what he has been all the time ever since her mother passed away. She wonders if Kimihiko has no intentions of taking up her mom’s work. Nagisa comments that if Char means Siesta’s dying wish, she has taken on that task. Char asks who this lady is speaking to, and she replies that she is Nagisa, Legendary Detective. Char asks if Nagisa can play cops-n-robbers somewhere else. She told her to stop playing games with her and exploit her mother’s life in front of her. Nagisa said to her that it is not a game and there is a purpose for this.

A purpose that Siesta entrusted to Nagisa and she is taking Siesta’s dying wishes. Char told Nagisa to do what she likes and left the trio standing, telling them that she is the one who is taking her mother’s dying wishes. Saikawa apologizes that she caused this commotion by inviting them into this ship. Kimihiko told her that it is no fault. Later Kimihiko calls on Chameleon to show and bring Nagisa back since he kidnaped her. Chameleon appears with Nagisa, and Kimiko fires a bullet.

The Detective is Already Dead

The Detective is Already Dead

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The Detective is Already-Dead Episode 11 Release Date

The Detective is Already Dead Episode 11 will be released on 12 September 2021, at 9:30 PM. The new episode of The Detective is Already Dead will be on Sunday. Let’s look at The Detective is Already Dead Episode 11 preview below.

Where To Watch The Detective is Already-Dead Episode 11

You can watch The Detective is Already Dead Episode 11 online on Funimation. The Detective is Already Dead will conclude in the next episode; you can visit official sites to learn more.

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