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The Detective Is Already Dead Anime Adaptation: What We Know

The Detective Is Already Dead anime adaptation
The Detective Is Already Dead

If people were thinking they’ve witnessed the best Detective series, they might want to stop and rethink. The Detective Is Already Dead is a series that may blow the mind of the viewers. This upcoming series is based on a light novel written by Nigojū. It is a fairly new light novel series that was published by Media Factory on November 25, 2019. The light novel has completed 4 volumes to date and is still ongoing. In May 2020, the light novel was adapted into a manga which was published by Media Factory again and released in the Monthly Comic Alive. As per recent announcements, the series is getting animated. The Detective Is Already Dead anime adaptation is coming out soon and a lot of details including cast, staff, and a trailer have been announced as well.

The light novel The Detective Is Already Dead was a big success. It has sold approximately 500,000 copies worldwide. It was translated into English and published by Yen Press in North America. In 2019, this novel won the 15th MF Bunko J newcomer award. Japanese fans especially loved the Light Novel so much that it received an anime adaptation barely a year after its release. With so many positive reviews, it only makes sense for fans to get motivated to wait for the series with anticipation.

Here are all the available details of The Detective Is Already Dead anime adaptation and everything else you need to know before diving into the series.

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The Detective Is Already Dead: Synopsis

Seita The Detective Is Already Dead


Kimizuka Kimihiko is caught up in an emergency crisis on a plane. An announcement requests the presence of a detective. Here, he encounters a woman who introduces herself by the codename Siesta. She makes Kimizuka her assistant. Thus begins Kimizuka’s adventurous journey as an assistant of a smart and beautiful detective. They bust criminals and save people. However, three years later, a mysterious disaster causes Siesta’s death.

Kimizuka returns to the average life after her death. A year after the Incident, he meets a mysterious girl who resembles Siesta.

The Detective Is Already Dead is a story filled with many comedic yet adorable characters and satisfying mysteries. Let’s hope the anime executes the idea behind the light novel well and provides its fans with content worthy of all the hype.

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The Detective Is Already Dead Anime Adaptation Release Date

An anime adaptation of the series was announced in January 2021. The anime will be produced by ENGI studio and directed by Manabu Kurihara. It will be broadcasted on AT-X, BS-NTV, and Tokyo MX in Japan. It is still unclear which sites will receive the license to release it for international viewers.

The Detective Is Already Dead Kimizuka Kimihiko

Kimizuka Kimihiko.

The Detective Is Already Dead anime adaptation will be released in July 2021. A specific date is yet to come out.

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The first official trailer of The Detective Is Already Dead came out in March 2021. The video clearly depicts the first meeting of Kimizuka and Siesta.

The art style is cute and pleasing. Additionally, the animation looks quite satisfactory as well.

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Voice Cast

The voice cast of the upcoming series, The Detective Is Already Dead, has been revealed. On May 20, a new character and her voice character were announced in the third key visual.

Saki Miyashita will voice the mysterious silver-haired detective, Siesta. Her assistant and the protagonist of the show, Kimizuka Kimihiko will be voiced by Shin Nagai. Ayane Taketatsu will voice Nagisa Natsunagi. Kanan Takao will voice Yui Saikawa. Saho Shiraso will lend her voice to Charlotte Arisaka Anderson. The show will also feature Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as the voice of Koumori. Takehito Koyasu will voice a character called Chameleon.

As per the third key visual, Maria Naganawa has been cast as the voice of Alicia.

All the cast members are renowned and have worked in many other brilliant anime series. Keeping in mind the animation, character design, and voice cast, The Detective Is Already Dead might just become a phenomenal hit. However, how well it does can only be judged after its release. Keep checking in on this website for any updates regarding this intriguing upcoming detective series.

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