The Demon Girl Next Door Season 2: Plot, Release Date, Trailer & More!

Demon Girl Next Door season 2
The Demon Girl Next Door 2-Chrome

Coming back to overload us with serotonin is The Demon Girl Next Door season 2. The anime’s first season, which aired in 2019, brought multiple cute moments that were enough to give us a sugar rush. Once again, the anime is back with the two main characters’ cuteness to overwhelm its viewers. Despite not having a record-breaking plot, the anime did exceedingly well for its beautiful character designs and relaxing storyline. It is a perfect anime to watch to release all the stress after a busy day. The anime’s magical tours are enough to make anyone feel relaxed. Several viewers commented on its cuteness and laid-back plot, giving rise to a demand for another season. After almost three years, the anime is getting renewed in spring 2022, and we cannot stop being excited about it.

The Demon Girl Next Door is based on the manga by the same name written and illustrated by Izumo Itō. It was published by Houbunsha and serialized in Manga Time Kirara Carat in 2014. Later the same was translated into English and published by Seven Seas Entertainment. Currently ongoing, the manga has six volumes. In 2019 it was adapted into a 12 episode anime by J.C Staff. After several positive views, a second season of the anime was announced.

Looking for more information on The Demon Girl Next Door season 2 anime series? Here is all that we know about it so far.

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The Demon Girl Next Door Season 1 Ending

Season 1 of The Demon Girl Next Door had a flashy ending. Yuki wanted to get closer to Momo and wanted to know more about her. So she keeps entering her dreams. Towards the end, her desperation leads her to break her outer defenses. On breaking through, she meets an aware Momo who reveals new things to her. She tells Yuko about a certain secret of her father back in her house. On waking up, Seiko comes with more information and tells her about Sakura, Momo’s sister. Sakura had interfered with the family curse for Yuko’s well-being. Seiko proceeds to tell her that Joshua’s, Momo’s father, was actually sealed away in a cardboard box ten years ago. Sakura had done this right before disappearing. Learning the news leaves Momo in a dilemma, and she runs away.

Yuko, feeling guilty for everything, chases after Momo. She decides to ask Momo to use her as a vassal to look for Sakura. But this would mean Momo would have to give up on being a magical girl and would also get weaker. However, she refuses to do so but, in return, asks Yuko to help her look for Sakura. Momo also declares that she will become Yuko’s vassal only if she can defeat her.

Synopsis for The Demon Girl Next Door 2 – Chome

The popular neighborhood fantasy is back! Ever since she woke us a demon, she has been fighting to break the seal of the dark clan. Momo, who was supposed to be her rival, being a magical girl, becomes her best friend. In season 2, a new demon lurking in the town has appeared. How will the two girls fight this new threat?

The Demon Girl Next Door 2chrome
Key Visual: The Demon Girl Next Door 2-Chrome

The Demon Girl Next Door Season 2 Release Date

The second season of the anime is titled The Demon Girl Next Door 2-Chōme. After two years, the anime will be released sometime in April 2022. A specific date of release is yet to be announced. 

The anime will be broadcast locally on TBS and BS11. There has been no announcement regarding which platform will license it for international viewers. 

Official Trailer

A trailer featuring more cute moments from the anime’s second season was uploaded on 27 January 2022.

Cast and Characters

All the cast members from Season 1 will return to voice their characters in season 2. Konomi Johara will voice Yuko Yoshida, Akari Kito will voice Momo Chiyoda, Minami Takahashi will voice Lilith, Tomoya Takayanagi will voice Mikan Hinatsuki, Sayaka Senbongi will voice Anri Sata, Ayaka Suwa will voice Sion Ogura, Hiromi Owada will voice Ryoko Yoshida, and Sayaka Ohara will voice Seiko Yoshida.

The Demon Girl Next Door s2
Anime: The Demon Girl Next Door season 2


Hiroaki Samurai is directing the series. Keiichiro Ochi is composing the scripts. The character designs are drafted by Mai Otsuka. J.C. Staff is animating the anime. 

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