The Curse Of The Oak Island Season 6: Crossover With Aliens, Release Date, Spoilers

For months after filming Season 6 of The Curse Of The Oak Island, something major has come about the plot like. Season 5 of TCOTOI released in November last year, and we are here to update you on Season 6. It is currently in works. Now what I hear for Season 6 Spoilers is that an enigmatic host of Ancient Aliens will appear on many episodes of The Curse Of The Oak Island. This comes straight from the mouth of Executive Producer Kevin Burns who teased Giorgio Tsoukalos’s appearance on the show.

The Curse Of The Oak Island has been accused by some of the viewers of being slightly dull over Season 4 and 5. So fans aren’t excited for Season 6. What better way for the show to generate hype than to suggest a possible alien crossover, right? Last we saw excitement build upon TCOTOI was when an artifact was connected to Ark of the Covenant.

TCOTOI Season 6: Release Date

All seasons of TCOTOI are released on November, i.e., fall schedule. So judging by that pattern, Season 6 shouldn’t be any different. Season 5 came out in November 2017 and stretched through March of 2018. It had a total of 18 episodes. For now we don’t have an official release date on TCOTOI Season 6. But I am very sure that it will drop in November of this year. Operations and filming to TCOTOI began in Spring of 2018, so I am guessing the show must be in post-production at this point.

Filming for TCOTOI began in late spring as the time makes it convenient to carry out drilling etc. TCOTOI has always been consistent with its air pattern, all Seasons’ aired on the first three Tuesdays of November. Why should Season 6 be any different?

TCOTOI Season 6: Spoilers

Besides the major Alien Crossover, Giorgio Tsoukalos Arc will generate more viewers this time around. Spoilers suggest that he will be present in the very first episode of Season 6. The treasure discovered by Lagina Brothers is mysterious and who other than George to explain what’s going on?

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