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The Curse of Oak Island Season 8 Episode 21 Preview and Recap

Well, we have been following The Curse of Oak Island season 8 for a while now and it has a lot to offer us. For an instance, it is clear that Laginas are not going to follow the previous plan that they made for their journey. The group initially trusted that they are going to find the money pit in CD 7. But now all of those plans have altered and they are going to follow a different approach with their search in order to come across the Money Pit. Now, we will get to the most part of the recap later in this article but first, let us discuss what lies in store for us with the forthcoming episode of the show.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 8 Episode 21 Release Date and Spoilers

A still from The Curse of Oak Island Season 8

The Curse of Oak Island Season 8 Episode 21 Release Date and Spoilers

The Curse of Oak Island season 8 episode 21 release date is scheduled to be the 6th of April 2021. The episode is going to air on its regular designated slot on History Channel at 9 PM according to Eastern Time. Also, you guys should keep in mind for the future notice that new episodes of the series drop out on the given time schedule every week on Tuesdays. Well, anyone with a subscription to The Curse of Oak Island will be able to watch the series by tuning in to the channel at the time slot.

But there might arise a situation where you will not be able to watch the show. Then there is nothing to worry about because History Channel’s official website will have all the episodes you would want to watch. Other ways to watch the show include purchase or rent that is available on Amazon Prime Video as well as iTunes and Apple TV. On the other hand, the streaming platform Peacock also has all the episodes included till the seventh outing of the show and if anybody desires to rewatch it, or start watching the show, it will be easier to stream.

Well, you might all be wondering about what is probably going to happen in The Curse of Oak Island season 8 episode 21. Well, here we have mentioned some of the spoilers regarding the show and thus if a person does not feel comfortable while reading those, please feel free to skip to the next recap section in this article. Now, in the forthcoming episode, we are going to acknowledge how Oak Island ever came into form. All the group members have put their minds to create their own theories to find out more about the show and a majority of them lay light on how the area was actually a penalty land for the convicted highway thieves.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 8 Recap

As the group is walking down the stone pathway trying to find out the Money Pit, they will stumble across mud as well as ox shoes. This is why even the audience is going to believe that the prior theory that we have discussed, might be true. Whatever the case might be, all we care about is how Laginas might be closer to their goal after all. They have been on work for so much time now and Money Pit sure seems close now.

Back in the 20th episode of The Curse of Oak Island season 8, we all witnessed how the Laginas were pretty sure about drilling the CD 7 area. Although, this process did not prove resourceful because the group did not come across any item that might suggest they are close to the Money Pit. Thus, the group decides against their decision to search that area and move on to another place that is giving off better clues that were initially expected from the CD 7 area.

Well, this was totally a shocker given the fact that the group almost had the audience believing that Money Pit is going to be in CD 7. As of right now, the team has altered their goal to search the Barringer targets instead of going to CD 7. The group thinks that they are going to find something as precious as a gold medal or maybe even silver. This might establish that they are finally on the right path.

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