What To Expect From The Curse of Oak Island Season 8 Episode 17 ?

The Curse of Oak Island Season 8 Episode 17

As of right now, we are on the eighth season of The Curse of Oak Island and things have been getting pretty intense as our team is getting close to the Money Pit. Till this point in time, we have had 16 episodes on the air for this season and all the eyes are waiting for a 17th one. Recently, we have seen that the team is looking out for the various connections surrounding the stone pathway that might lead to a concrete passage. All this while, the team is desperately trying to find new leads from the Money Pit area. They are thoroughly searching the whole location in the hopes of stumbling across something efficient that might assist them in their further search.

Well, here we have wrapped up every detail that you guys need to know regarding The Curse of Oak Island season 8 episode 17. The first thing that you all might be curious about regarding the newest episode, has to be its release date. So, The Curse of Oak Island season 8 episode 17 release date is set to be on the 9th of March 2021. The episode will air at 9 pm according to the Eastern Time on History Channel. For further release information, you guys should keep in mind that the channel drops out new episodes weekly every Tuesday. Now, we know how people can be leading a very busy lifestyle and miss the expected schedule of the episode.

The Curse of Oak Island season 8 episode 17 Spoilers

If you are one such person and are in love with the series but could not make time at the designated slot, then we have got you covered. There are various options and by opting for these, you will be able to watch the show online. The official website of History Channel allows the users to watch the show if they are missing it on television. The episode of The Curse of Oak Island Season 8 is also available to rent from Amazon Prime Video as well as iTunes or even Apple TV. In case you want to rewatch the show or maybe if you have not watched it yet but want to because all your friends are suggesting it, then you all can hop on to Peacock TV where all the previous seven episodes of the series are available.

Now, here we have potential spoilers about the next episode, that is, the 17th episode of The Curse of Oak Island and you might not want to read it yet so you can skip this section. Well, the forthcoming episode is called Staking Their Claim. As for what will be the plot of the show, we will witness Marty as well as Gary coming across the fact that the Samuel Ball might actually have some links to the royal families of Britain. Recently, we have seen that the Laginas have found two strange pathways while they were trying to come across some of the new leads in the swamp. One of these structures is found to be a different kind of ship stock. As for the other path that has been discovered, our team is thinking that maybe it is going to lead them to the location where the original Money Pit is located. At this point in time, a new archaeologist is hired by the team called Aaron Taylor as he helps them with their new findings.

The Curse of Oak Island season 8 episode 17 Recap

He is set on examining the newly found pathway and is studying all the types of rocks as well as mud that is available over the passage. Even before this episode, we saw that the team has been curious about the Money Pit area that exists near a borehole. It is the same place where they stepped on some of the precious items that have a great value to them. As of right now, there are so many thrilling discoveries happening in the show that it is hard to keep track of all of them. First of all, this same hole might actually prove to be a pathway to the tunnel which is buried almost eighty-seven and a half feet under the ground. Some leather artifacts have also been uncovered by our team which has a connection to the 15th century.

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