The Curse Of Oak Island Season 6: Plot, Release Date

Season 6 of The Curse of Oak Island is currently in works. It has been filming now for months. And I am here to tell you that Season 6 isn’t all that far away. Season 6 of The Curse of Oak Island will pick up the loose ends of Season 5. Everything has been hinting towards digging deeper into the mysteries of Knights Templar.

Producer Kevin Burns gave us insights into what the upcoming Season of The Curse of Oak Island could look like. In an interview with Monster and Critics, Kevin said that Season 6 would dive into the aspect of antiquity and would travel more on the medieval cross, that was discovered back at the end of Season 5.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 6: Plot

The Season ending “Drilling Down” showed us a treasure house of discoveries. The mind-blowing of all, the discovery of bone fragments that added to the mystery of 2 human bones excavated in the H-8 borehole (Season 2). Due to the¬†discovery of the very same, it opened up the possibility of discovering much larger treasures in the nearby area.

Rick Lagina is all in form for the process as we saw at the end of Season 5. He is already at the designated location. The Lagina Brothers have received their fair share of criticism and unnecessary trolling from the audiences, but their work ethic is unparalleled. Giorgio Tsoukalos is their man. He is the right kind of guy who needs to be consulted in matters of ancient mysteries, artifacts, etc.; this could also lead to a crossover arc in the show.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 6: Release Date

As of now, no definitive release date has been obtained. But judging by the previous air date pattern, one could take an easy guess and go with the fall premiere. I mean all Seasons have come out in the fall. So why not?

The Curse of Oak Island always airs in November. So you should expect this year to be nothing different than the previous. I am sure of a 2018 release. Joe Lessard, the executive producer, has confirmed that the team’s operations and filming begin in the late spring to the start of fall. It’s because of the warm temperatures in Oak Island that make all the drilling and digging easier.

Season 2 onwards, the pattern tells us that premieres always take place on one of the first three November Tuesdays. That would mean either November 6/13/20. Whatever the official dates are, we’ll update this page accordingly.

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