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Preview & Recap: The Chi Season 4 Episode 7

Preview For The Chi Season 4 Episode 7
From The Chi Season 4 Episode 6

The Chi Season 4 Episode 7 is all about the consequences and rethinking your decisions before acting on them. Previously on the show, there were a number of mistakes and misjudgment our main characters did. While some of them solved right away. For example, Tiffany and Dom’s business ideas took a hit when they disagreed but at the end of the day, they reconciled. The same goes for Papa and Maisha with Maisha hitting the big time. There was animosity and who should be in who’s shadow question. But that solved too. What remains is for Kiesha and Kevin.

Kevin had a hard time when his girl left him for his best friend. He lost two of his closest people at the same time. If that wasn’t enough, reacting to his feelings cost him his school. There is no path for the young man right now and he needs much guidance. Kiesha, on the other hand, spent time looking for a new life in the previous episode and lastly, Douda spent time at the hospital recovering. So let’s break down everything that went down previously on the show and figure out what we can expect from the upcoming The Chi Season 4 Episode 7.

Recap For The Chi Season 4 Episode 6

Previously on The Chi, we opened up with Laverne shooting Douda down. She was looking for retribution for her son Brandon. As Tracy takes Douda to hospital, back at school Kevin ended up fighting Jake and accidentally taking a shot at a white teacher who tried to break them. Plus Maisha has an opportunity to feature in a magazine. Kevin gets schooling for the shot at home. Also, Tiff and Dom are approached with an amazing partnership opportunity.

The Chi Season 4 Episode 6 Recap

From The Chi Season 4 Episode 6 Featuring Kevin, Jake, Jemma, Papa, and Maisha

Roselyn takes over duties for Douda for a while and answers on behalf of him to the reporters. A co-worker of Kiesha asks her out despite the condition she has been through. She later on thinks and agrees to it. Papa with his podcast tries to bring Kevin, Jake, and Jemma but fails miserably. Emmett’s mother’s condition is deteriorating further. Kevin will be assisting Emmett as he is kicked out of school. This way Emmett leaves giving him some much-needed advice. He encourages to find someone new.

As Jake and Jemma continue to love each other and get some advice from Jake’s brother too. As Kiesha’s date is successful, Douda’s relationship with Tracy falls for a while. Dom and Tiff later get together despite the differences and get their first deal. Nina gets with another woman after watching Jada and Dre together. Nina comes home to confront Dre which leaves Dre telling that Jada has cancer.

The Chi Season 4 Episode 6 Ending

From The Chi Season 4 Episode 6 Featuring Kiesha

Meanwhile, Maisha gets that shoot going and Papa indulging himself doesn’t fit right between them. Anyway, they reconcile later on with Papa apologizing. Douda leaves the hospital in the chair while Kevin doesn’t get a second chance at the school. On the other hand, Kiesha gets a chance to hold her baby again. Watching the baby in her arms makes her rethink giving it away.

The Chi Season 4 Episode 7 Release Date and Preview

The Chi Season 4 Episode 7 is releasing on 11 July 2021 and will air on Showtime at 9 pm ET. Expect a new episode every Sunday following the seventh until the fourth season of The Chi wraps up which has nine episodes scheduled for this season. The Chi Season 4 Episode 7 will also be available to stream on Showtime’s Official Website. You can also buy or rent episodes of The Chi Season 4 o  video-on-demand services of Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube TV.  Check out the 45-second promo for The Chi Season 4 Episode 9 below.

The Chi Season 4 Episode 7 is titled, “Black Messiah”. There is no official synopsis for the episode but a promo leaves a lot. The promo sees Nina having a hard time reconciling with Dre. After all, she misjudged the situation last episode and got with another woman. Now confessing the same to Dre is gonna take a huge toll.

The Chi Season 4 Episode 7 May See Douda Returning For His Duties

From The Chi Season 4 Episode, 6 Featuring Douda

For Kiesha on other hand, a big question hangs for her with the baby. After going out on a date with a co-worker, rethinking a lot, and finally holding her baby in her arms. There is a lot of feelings gushing out for her. Will they work out? Will see? Also now with Kevin’s future in trouble, his school is not accepting him. The question is what’s next for the young man? All in The Chis Season 4 Episode 7.

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