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The Chi Season 4 Episode 4: Preview And Recap

What To Expect From The Chi S04E04?
From The Chi S04E03 Featuring Douda and Tracy

The Chi Season 4 Episode 4 will serve as the aftermath of all the decisions Douda made recently for the well-being of neighborhood. Previously on the show, we saw Douda taking it hard on cops by defunding them. While Roselyn and Marcus’ initially thought his plans to use the money elsewhere would not work. At the end of the day, Tracy by her side, it was worth it. Coming to Jake and Kevin they were under suspension with Kevin trying to avoid further interactions and Jake ready to talk about the cop incident. On the other side of things, Jada is suffering from cancer and learned about the chemotherapy she will be going through. Also, it might be time for Kiesha’s pregnancy to call through. Lastly, there are definitely cracks in a number of relationships on the show.

Last time, the open marriage seemed not to work great for Tiff and Emmett. He’s sleeping with Dom did cause a conflict between him and Tiff. But she completely blames it on Emmett rather than Dom. Even she slept with Dante leaving Emmett a whole lot jealous. So there is quite a tension in the air for the couple. Even Emmett later acknowledging Suede being with Jada. So there are cracks, there is reconciliation, and further plans for the Black neighborhood. Here we are taking a look at everything that went down previously on the show. Then we will move on to see what we can expect from the upcoming fourth episode of The Chi.

Recap For The Chi Season 4

The Chi S04E03 Recap

From The Chi S04E03 Featuring Kevin and Jemma

Previously on The Chi, we opened up to Kevin and Kiehsa’s mother trying to comfort them. While she wants Kiesha to take care of the baby, for Kevin she wants him to focus on his studies. We soon learn Kevin and Jake are under suspension at school. Kevin for his antics and Jake for sleeping with a white girl. While Jake leaves Reg’s house, there is a tiff between him and Trig. Moving on, Emmett confronts Tiff about where she has been all night. Getting to know the name of Dane irks him a little. More when Tiff says he is better than Emmett at everything.

Douda on the other hand plans to make use of $5 million dollars from the police by giving it to Tracy. Trig walks in telling him about what people think of Douda defunding the police. Meanwhile, Emmett continues to reconcile with Tiff. Jada on the other hand meets a doctor for the chemotherapy. Emmett meets Dom and lets her know he told Tiff about them. This further irks her because she was hoping to continue her friendship with Tiff. Furthermore, Douda and Tracy take the plans to Marcus who doesn’t agree on much but doesn’t see it impossible.

What Went Down In The Chi S04E03?

From The Chi S04E03 Featuring Douda and Tracy

At detention, a white teacher tries to help Jake and Kevin. But they are not interested resulting in him making them write about police attack and their feelings. In turn, he would let them go. Later on, even Jemma invites Jake and Kevin to the school’s talk show to talk about the incident. Jake agrees while Kevin declines the offer. As all of this is going down, Nuck bringing in a girl in traumatized condition leaves Trig and Imani fighting. Thus leaving Trig to sleep on the couch. Also, Emmett catches Jada with Suede again.

Moving on, Douda’s new decisions cause police to leave the black neighborhoods on their own. Trig and Tracy talk the black neighborhood out and promise to help them further.  Everything comes intact with what Douda wants. Tracy later invites her over to Douda to make out with Roselyn intervening and watching the.  Coming to Tiff and Dom, the friends reconcile and state they will continue the business together. But at the same time, she doesn’t want her to sleep with Emmett again.

The Chi Season 4 Episode 4 Recap

The Chi Season 4 Episode 4 is releasing on 13 June 2021 and will air on on Showtime at 9 pm ET. There are a total of nine episodes scheduled for the fourth season of The Chi. So expect a new episode every Sunday following the fourth until the fourth season of The Chi wraps up. The Chi Season 4 Episode 4 will also be available to stream on Showtime’s Official Website. You can also buy or rent episodes of The Chi Season 4 o  video-on-demand services of Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube TV.  Check out the 45-second promo for The Chi Episode 4 below.

The Chi Season 4 Episode 4 is titled, “The Girl From Chicago”. The official synopsis of the episode doesn’t tell much but from the promo, it seems like Jake is up to something more. Kevin might have backed out from the cops arresting event. Not Jake for sure. Plus the relationships are bound to get complicated between Roselyn and Tracy after she intervened between Tracy and Douda’s make-out session. How it affects their working relationship will see? Also probably Kiesha will finally be conceiving a baby and Jada will start working on her chemotherapy.

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