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The Chestnut Man Ending Explained: A Very Engrossing Murder Mystery

The Chestnut Man Ending Explained
The Chestnut Man Ending Explained

Netflix is never one to miss an opportunity to amaze us. Further, Netflix has just premiered a brand new series based on the Danish thriller genre. The series is titled “The Chestnut Man”. Moreover, the Netflix series is adapted from the novel of the same name by Søren Sveistrup. The Chestnut Man is directed by Kasper Barfoed and Mikkel Serup. Additionally, the show premiered on Netflix on September 29, 2021.

Throughout The Chestnut Man, the story is set in the quiet suburbs of Copenhagen. Here, the police make a terrible discovery one blustery October morning. A young woman has been gruesomely murdered in a playground. Furthermore, she also lost one of her hands. Her head is hung by a chestnut-branched piece of art. The case is assigned to Naia Thulin, an ambitious young detective, and Mark Hess, a new partner. As soon as they uncover it, they discover a mysterious link between the chestnut man and a girl. She is the daughter of politician Rosa Hartung, who went missing about a year ago and was presumed dead.

A large number of viewers responded positively to the series. The thriller piece was well received. The series received an IMBD score of 8.1 out of 10. That’s an incredibly good rating. Further, there are six episodes in the series. Each one focuses on a different aspect of the story. Furthermore, the last episode of the series offers a lot of insight into the story. We are going to explore all about “The Chestnut Man” in this article. Then we’ll talk about the most intriguing ending of the series. It’s like saying that The Chestnut Man Ending will be explained.

The Chestnut Man Ending Explained

The Chestnut Man

The Plot Of The Series

The Chestnut Man opens with grisly scenes showing a whole family slaughtered within their own home. Furthermore, it was found by an upcoming retiree who was assigned to investigate stray farm animals. Set in a dark, unforgiving tone, the opening sequence overshadows all of the episodes. This is not acknowledged until late in the series when its significance is revealed. When the policeman finds a room filled with chestnut men, the sequence ends with a hint about how it relates to the future serial murders.

A mysterious serial killer has left a cache of chestnut men next to mutilated corpses of apparently unrelated women in modern-day Copenhagen. Additionally, the chestnut men claim that the murders have something in common with another missing girl case—this case involving Kristine Hartung. Hartung was the daughter of a prominent politician Rosa Hartung. Moreover, the police considered this case as solved. It was confessed that Linus Bekker had murdered her. The pace is fast throughout The Chestnut Man, making for a tense thriller that occasionally becomes scary. Further, Reaching an unexpected and satisfying conclusion leaves crumbs for its detective team and viewers to pick up on and connect.

The Chestnut Man Ending Explained

To reveal about Kristine, Simon summoned Rosa to the chestnut farm. As Thulin was investigating the crime scene, he found out that the chestnuts recovered from the crime scene were members of a subspecies found on Møn island. In unawareness that Simon was the Chestnut Man, Thulin took him to Mon. Furthermore, Simon intercepted Rosa and Thulin. Hess saved Rosa’s life by intervening when he set out to chop Rosa’s body in the basement. Simon set fire to the house and took Thulin hostage in order to kill them. Rosa and Thulin were saved by Hess after a long struggle. As a result of a car accident, Simon lost his life when a tree branch penetrated his heart.

If viewers have watched the show earlier, they must know Simon (The Chestnut Man) and Rosa’s daughter, Kristine, have something to do with each other. Additionally, Simon was the only one who knew about Kristine. As a result, the search for Kristine was fruitless after his death. Furthermore, Simon’s twin sister, Astrid, got in touch with him to ask about Rosa. After tracking the call, the police discovered that it originated from a cellphone tower close to the Polish border. Astrid was arrested by the officers who raided her cottage house. They additionally found Kristine locked inside.

A brief reunion between Kristine and her family concluded The Chestnut Man. Ultimately, the investigation was ended. In order to be able to devote as much time as possible to her growing daughter, Tillin moved into the cybercrime unit. As soon as the Budapest case is resolved, Hess is probably going to return to Copenhagen. The story appears to reveal that Hess and Thulin were in love when Thulin mentions how her daughter, Le, included Hess within her family tree. The truth about Linus Bekker’s false conviction of kidnapping and killing Kristine led to his release. Alternatively, Bekker celebrated the crimes of Chestnut Man, despite having schizophrenia. Further, Simon’s grand schemes made him feel honored. So he may try to repeat his sins. We can expect a second season of the series to air in the near future. The next season might be quite intriguing.

The Chestnut Man Ending Explained


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