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What To Expect From The Case Study of Vanitas Episode 1?

The Case Study of Vanitas

As early as July, we will start the first week with a horrific vampire Anime. The Case Study of Vanitas seems to be one of the entertaining vampire stories. Let’s find what The Case Study of Vanitas Episode 1 can offer for us. The anime is about a human who started to believe that he is a doctor for vampires. Paracelsus is a good scientist who helps the vampires from a disease know as malnomen which causes vampires to rampage against their will. The scientist learning healing skills from a book called Vanitas.

Vanitas is like the original Vanitas, the Vampire of the Blue Moon. Vanitas of The Blue Moon is the nemesis of Vampires of the Red Moon who runs traditional Vampire society. Noe and Vanitas form a force to heal vampires, but their works draw the attention of some mysterious group called Charlatan, which is the cause of the sick vampires. Centuries towards the French Revolution, Paracelsus came up with an idea and created the “World Formula” theory.

His theory changed the variable and eliminated disasters and disease. Noe is a young vampire in late 19th century France. Neo heads to Paris to search for the Book of Vanitas and find about its true nature. But the Book of Vanitas is a cursed grimoire made by the Vampire of the Blue Moon that reveals the truth behind the incurable disease of malnomen. After a long journey. Noe finds the Book of Vanitas on his way home. He encounters a man named Vanitas who perform miracles and cure malnomen. Vanitas reveals that he is an ordinary human who has inherited the Book and his goal is to save the vampire race no matter what.

The Case Study of Vanitas Summary

The anime is about is Noe’s memoirs on how he would kill Vanitas. Noe Archiviste is the first Vampire who gets orders from his teacher to get the Book of Vanitas. Vanitas is a man who claims that he is the actual owner of the Book of Vanitas and the doctor to vampires. Vanitas of the Blue Moon is the creator of the Book of Vanita and the original owner. Lucius ‘Luca’ Oriflamme is the noble Vampire and Lord Ruthven’s nephew.  Jeanne, knows as The Hellfire Witch acts as a chevalier to Luca.

She carries a crimson gauntlet called “Carpe Diem.”Dominique de Sade, a woman of the De Sade Vampire Aristocracy Family. Dominique is the heir De Sade family with her sister. Louis de Sade is Noe’s childhood friend and Dominque’s older brother. Dante sends information to Vanitas and gets some money. Amelia Ruth works as the maid at the hotel where Vantas and Noe resided in Paris. Ruth got saved as the story begins; Count Parks Orlok is the head of vampire affairs in human Paris.

The Case Study of Vanitas

The Case Study of Vanitas

Vanita of The Blue Moon

Noe and Vanitas report everything to Count Parks Orlok.  Nox works as Count Parks Orlok’s bodyguard. She works with her brother Manet. Lord Ruthven is the lord of Vampires who works under The Queen, and he is one of the senate members. Veronica de Sade is Dominique’s elder sister. Roland Fortis operates in the Catacombs known as Roland of jasper or Sixth Paladin. Olivier used to works as a second in command before he becomes a paladin. Roland carries a mighty spear called “Durandal.”

Olivier is an old friend of Roland and a chasseur paladin. Oliver carries a violent sword known as “Hauteclaire.”Astolfo Granatum became the youngest chasseur paladin and suffered a lot after his family gets killed by vampires. He carries a mighty spear called “Louisette.” The shapeless one is a teacher and Louise’s grandfather, Dominique and Veronica de Sade. He is the reason for Noe to head to Paris. The shapeless one shares a relationship with the Vampire Queen.

The Vanita of the Blue Moon gave Vanitas The Book of Vanitas. The ”Book” reveals the truth beyond disease malnomen that got created to get revenge against vampires for their crimes of those born under the Blue Moon. The Book is now in possession of human Vanitas, and he is the only one who can use The Book of Vanitas. But he decided to save the vampire race. We will learn more about The Case Study of Vanitas after the release of the latest episode.

The Case Study of Vanitas Episode 1 Release Date

The Case Study of Vanitas Episode 1 release date is 3 July 2021. You can visit for more updates since we have no access to the official way to watch The Case Study of Vanitas.

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