The Breaker Manhwa Gets An English Release!

The Breaker Manhwa Gets English Release
The Breaker manhwa gets English Release!!

Mangas has been popular for a long time but have you started reading a manhwa? The manhwa and manga are different just because of their origin. The mangas are graphic comics that are originally founded in Japan. However, manhwas are also graphic comics, but they are generally colorful and are from South Korea. These terms are used to describe the comics and graphic novels from the countries like China, Japan, and Korea. Where manga series has been in trend for quite a while now, manhwa series gained recognition recently. Many web manhwa series like True Beauty, Solo Levelling, My Dear Cold-Blooded King contributed to its popularity. One such manhwa series that has gained recognition is “The Breaker,” and now, according to the announcements, it is getting an English release as well.

It has been so popular since the day of its release in Korea, but unfortunately, till now, it was not released in English till now. This disappointed many fans as they had to read the unofficial English translation of the series. However, as the creators received many requests from English readers, they finally decided to get you all an English release of the famous manhwa series “The Breaker”. Here you will get to know every single piece of information about the release along with its release date, so read till the end.

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About The Breaker

The Breaker is a South Korean manhwa series by the author Jeon Geuk-Jin and illustrated by the artist Park Jin-hwan who also goes by the pen named Kamaro. The series was published by Daewon C. I Publications and was serialized in its Young Champ Magazine since June 2007. The manhwa series continued to serialize till July 2010 and ended with ten volumes in total. After that was renewed into a sequel which was titled “Breaker: New Waves” and was published by Daum Communication. The sequel was released as a webcomic series that began releasing chapters in 2010.

The plot of the manhwa follows the life of a timid high school boy named Shiwoon Yin who is willing to learn martial arts. That was the time he decided to became the disciple of a great martial artist named Chunwoo Han. The artist belongs to a secret martial art society, ‘Murim,’ and gained the title of “Nine Arts Dragon”. While Chunwoo killed his own martial arts teacher, he was disbanded from Murim and was considered as wanted.

At school, he met Shinwoon Yin for the first time, and as the protagonist gets bullied in the school, he decided to help him and agreed to teach him martial arts. As the plot of the series progressed, the journey of Shinwoon Yin to become a martial artist began as he faced many challenges to fulfill his motive. The sequel of The Breaker continues with Shiwoon, who is no more head of the Sunwoo Clan.

The Breaker gets an English Release
The Breaker

The Breaker manhwa gets an English release!!

The manhwa was loved by a lot of people due to its incredible character design and plot. Other than Korean, the manhwa is available in French, German, Italian, Russian, and Polish. So, the English Version of the manhwa, which has been recently announced, is also going to drop out soon. The official publishers of the manhwas Ablaze announced it to ANN on January 13, Thursday, 2022. They announced that they are going to release an English Translated version of the Manhwa series The Breaker by author Geuk-Jin Jeon and artist Jin-Hwan Park. They further added that it would drop out its first 15 chapters in a 400-page omnibus volume on June 30, 2022. 

The Breaker English version
The Breaker

This is going to be a super hit just like its other language versions and even more since English readers are quite large in number. The author of the series Geuk-Jin Jeon is also known for his famous works Promised Orchid, Trinity Wonder, The Ruler of the Land. All of these Manhwa series are also available as webcomics are easily available online. The visual artist Jin-Hwan Park, other than his work in The Breaker, is also known for Archlord and Beast 9. The duo of Geuk-Jin and Jin-Hwan also worked together in the creation of the manhwas series, the Trinity Wonder.

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