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The Boys Season 3: Here are all the Early Details about the Supes!

The Boys Season 3 Details

The Boys Season 3 is scheduled to premiere sometime in mid-2021, as per reports. But we are likely searching for the show that might return in 2022 also. However, there are some reasons for which we can get excited about the superhero show’s return. So, in fact, GamesRadar+ has interviewed several members of the show’s cast to get their variety of thoughts on whatsoever’s coming further. At the same time, there is also a fair amount of consideration thrown all over the internet.

Here, in this article, you will find everything that we have known so far about The Boys Season 3. And, of course, it means we can dive here headfirst into some of the plots specifies from Season 2, so if you are not at all considering yourself caught up on Amazon’s diabolical series, then you can turn back now. Moreover, if you are here, then strap in, and see what’s coming.

The Boys Billy Butcher

The Boys Season 3: Release Date

The release date of The Boys Season 3 has not been announced yet. But it all doesn’t mean that we have no little idea of when it’ll be landing. As the show creator is Eric Kripke, has been open about, all of it going so well, an early 2021 beginning date for its filming. Further, he spoke to collider that January 2021 was earmarked as a huge starting point.

This January 5, 2021, Jack Quaid, who plays the role of Hughie in the series, is heavily hinted that the filming of the series was starting over, thereby posting a picture of himself to Instagram from a plan with the cool caption: “You will never guess where I am heading but it all rhymes with Buh Toys Season Shree…”

Most importantly, this series’s filming will take place in Toronto, where Quaid will certainly have to go through 2 weeks of quarantine that automatically puts The Boys Season 3 on track to begin filming by late January. Earlier, a whole listing on the industry union website IATSE 83 (based mainly on Toronto), The Boys Season 3 will begin in February and finish in August 2021. Besides, Claudia Doumit, who plays the role of Victoria Neuman, recently unveiled that the filming date has now been locked in, but certainly hesitant to show more.

Victoria Neuman The Boys Details

So, what all this mean for The Boys Season 3 release date? Although, taking into account the earlier filming schedules of the past season and how the way they lined up earlier to the actual air dates helps us working out a great and fairly accurate releasing window.

HoweverworkHoweverworkThe Boys Season 1 commenced shooting in May 2018 and ended up in October 2018, later eventually airing on July 2019, with a gap of 9 months. The Boys Season 2, in the meantime, began its shooting from July 2019 to November 2019, and it later streamed on Amazon Prime in September 2020 only with a huge gap of 10 months later.

Certainly, if the filming listing is perfect and the things do finish in August only, this could mean that The Boys Season 3 release date will land eventually in 2021. Moreover, if we follow a similar pattern to its previous seasons, then expect it to later arrive in its first few months only of 2022 at the earliest. Until or unless they will put all of its cast and crew on a Compound V, that’s it.

The Boys Season 3: Upcoming Altered Cast

The Boys Season 2 finishing means The Boys Season 3 overall cast has been certainly shaken up. Whereas, no official news of who is returning and who is leaving out has been announced yet. Although, we can surely make an educated guess too after whatever is transpired.

Billy Butcher (Karl Urban), Frenchie (Tomer Capon), Hughie (Jack Quaid), Mother’s Milk (Laz Alonso), Kimiko (Karen Fukuhara), these all should be back. Whereas, on the Supe side of things, there is Homelander (Antony Starr), Starlight (Erin Moriarty), Maeve (Dominique McElligott), Black Noir (Nathan Mitchell), A-Train (Jessie Usher) forming the perfect seven. The Deep (Chace Crawford) will be likely to be somehow sticking around in the show. We can expect Vought CEO San Edgar (Giancarlo Esposito) to create a handful of the appearances if the freat actor’s schedule allows for it.

The Boys Seven

On the outer side of that all, Claudia Doumit’s heftiest name is Congresswoman Victoria Neuman. After all, being unveiled to be on the backside of the head-exploding attacks, she’s going to be a prime focus of season 3. As per the Deadline, she and Colby Minifie (Vought PR Ashley) have certainly now been promoted to the series regulars.

If we hear the head explosions, an escape Sage Grove patient Cindy is certainly now on the loose and as more dangerous as ever. The chances are that she will have a presence in The Boys Season 3. One confirmed latest addition to the whole cast is Soldier Boy, a Supe who is essentially a turned take on Captain America. He will be playing by the Supernatural star Jensen Ackles. So, Eric Kripke explains the great character as “the very first Superhero, and he will also take so much humor, pathos, and danger to the big role.” Another role Kripke is essentially wanting to line up but has not sealed the deal yet is fellow Supernatural alum (and The Walking Dead mainstay), Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

However, during a roundtable where Kripke spoke: “Of the most of the things COVID is somehow screwing up in this world, a Jeffrey Dean Morgan cameo or a Jeffrey Dean Morgan huge role may be one of them too. But, as of if the quarantine is removed and a couple of things would break our way? Then, essentially, yeah, we will try to figure all that out.

Meanwhile, among all of these who all might is not returning is Stormfront (Aya Cash) and Becca (Shantel VanSanten), who both perished in the finale of The Boys Season 2. And of course, this show has not been that shy about bringing back dead characters through other means, such as Doppelganger, who is turning into Elizabeth Shue’s Madelyn Stilwell. So, just do not rule out some of the forms of cloning or flashbacks shenanigans just yet. Although Kripke has seemingly confirmed the latest that Stormfront is not dead yet, so watch this space.

The Boys Season 3: When can we expect its trailer?

Again, we are heading to have to go by some of the previous years to tease out some details for this one in the absence of any of the hard and fast information about The Boys Season 3 and, at least, in terms of footage. The Boys Season 2 trailer debuted earlier, surprisingly much early in December 2019, some 6 weeks after filming. However, The Batman showed that you can cut together a sizeable trailer even if you have not filmed everything yet, so there is also a good hope for the very first glimpse of The Boys Season 3 to arrive in the mid-to-late 2021 trailer.

The Boys Early Details

The Boys Season 3: Story of Supes, and more about head explosions

The Finale of The Boys Season 2 has some of the major implications for this show moving ahead. But not least of all, Season 3 has to deal with the characters going their parted ways, some of the new alliances being formed, and some not surviving at all. We all can expect more focus on Victoria Neuman. However, the secret Supe politician has now been blowing up the brains and surely has some diabolical plan up her sleeve.

Billy Butcher, too, might not be in the sightlines of Vought and the revised Seven after moving back on his word and thereby keeping Ryan out of the clutches of Stan Edgar. All that is, and the complete introducing way of the first Supe, Soldier Boy, will now be m0re mean to the whole corporation’s origins are laid open too.

Effectively, we have also pressed both Black Noir actor Nathan Mitchell and Victoria Neuman actor Claudia Doumit on what all we can expect from their respective characters in the 3rd season of The Boys, which could serve as a nice appetizer until we find out something more concrete aspects of The Boys Season 3 Story.

As per Doumit, ” I’m excited to look at what happens with Hughie and her. I am waiting to find out more about her. And I am excited to really dig into what all her backstory is and however she got to wherever she is right now. How would she is gonna blow the heads up?

The Boys Return of Black Noir

As of the Black Noir, he has the great potential. However, on the potential that changes to the Seven in Season 3, Mitchell said, “He and Maeve are still not be going to get along! Which is pretty much evident. It is so interesting as you all have this forced alliance among the people. Homelander does not trust Maeve, does not trust starlight, and Noir just has fought with Starlight, while he also does not trust Maeve. A-Train just clawed his path back in, which is an uneasy alliance with Starlight. You can stream it on Amazon Prime Video.

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Everybody’s gonna cross; it’s like this whole house, which is certainly divided within itself but yet together. There are many interesting moments to the dynamic that is going on to come out of season 3. The Boys Story has never shown away from real-world events. You may also know that what all is dominating at the very great moment, and Eric Kripke is pretty sure that COVID-19 will certainly influence some of the stories he and his writing team will be tell moving forward.

Boys comics pagesBoys comics pages, a long, long wait until The Boys Season 3, even if there is a lot to look forward to.

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I am Cheshtha Lakhchaura from Noida, Uttar Pradesh. I love reading books and binging series, also here I write about the latest ongoings from the anime world and entertainment. You can reach out to me at

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