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‘The Boys’ Season 1 Ending Explained

The Ending of ‘The Boys’ Season 1 Explained
The Ending of ‘The Boys’ Season 1 Explained

As the first season of The Boys ended, several loopholes in the story remained. These holes in the story were left to be filled in the next season. The ending of The Boys has been confusing and different for many fans. So, in this article, The Ending of ‘The Boys’ Season 1 will be explained. It will also look at some details about the series.

Streaming television series The Boys features superheroes from across the globe. The series was developed by Eric Kripke for Amazon Prime Video. The series is based on Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson’s comic book of the same name. DC Comics first published the book under their Wildstorm imprint before it moved to Dynamite Entertainment. The show follows a group of vigilantes who fight against individuals who misuse their powers. An impressive cast appears in the series. Karl Urban, Jack Quaid, Laz Alonso, Tomer Capon, and Karen Fukuhara, all star in this show and play vigilantes. Also appearing as members of the “Seven” are Antony Starr, Erin Moriarty, Dominique McElligott, Chace Crawford, Jessie T. Usher, and Nathan Mitchell.

Founded by the conglomerate Vought International, Seven is an official superhero group. Despite their lofty façades, they are shallow celebrity figures who commit horrendous acts behind the scenes. The series premiered on July 26, 2019. The show was well-received by viewers. Critical acclaim has been accorded to the writing, character development, and humor of the series. As well as Urban and Starr, the cast was praised for their performances. Further, the Boys was renewed for a second season by Amazon ahead of the premiere. The second season premiered on September 4, 2020. Also, in July 2020, the series was renewed for a third season. In September 2021, a spin-off series was ordered.

The Ending of ‘The Boys’ Season 1 Explained

The poster for The Boys.

The Plot

This season, Billy Butcher and his team are the focus of the storyline. Furthermore, they are focused on keeping the super-powerful Seven under control. However, Butcher has long been suspicious of superheroes, believing Homelander. In addition to being the Seven’s leader, Homelander is also the man responsible for disappearing his wife, Becca. The Seven and Boys become more comprehensive with Hughie’s addition. Following the death of his girlfriend by one of the Seven, he joins the Boys. As a new member of the Seven, Annie (aka Starlight) is welcomed into group seven. Her initial impression of the group isn’t as good as she thought, especially with Vought International pulling the strings.

The first season also features several confrontations and exchanges between the Boys and Seven. A significant component in many of the action scenes is the power-enhancing Compound-V. Translucent has suffered numerous casualties throughout the first season. Both Popclaw, A-Train’s partner, and Mesmer, who betrayed the Boys for Homelander, got their just desserts. While Hughie and Annie are on opposite sides, they find themselves falling in love. However, this love was putting both of them at risk. After Annie joins the Seven, the Deep is facing expulsion from the Seven for forcing Annie to have oral intimation.

‘The Boys’ Season 1 Ending Explained

The show culminates with Congresswoman Victoria Neuman holding a hearing against Vought. Lamplighter serves as the chief witness for the hearing. As Hughie discovers Annie’s betrayal, Lamplighter convinces Hughie to join him in rescuing her. However, Hughie ends up immolating himself as a result. Eventually, Annie manages to escape with Maeve’s help, who subdues Black Noir. Yet, Butcher convinces Vogelbaum to testify against Vought despite Lamplighter’s loss. A mere few minutes into the hearing, the assassin who killed Raynor attacked. Vogelbaum and others are killed as a result. Ryan is manipulated into leaving Becca by Homelander and Stormfront. The Church of the Collective grows suspicious of A-Train. The breakup between Maeve and Elena is related to the former’s failure to save the aircraft.

Butcher and Edgar make a deal after learning of Ryan’s capture to help Vought reclaim him at Homelander’s cabin. As a result, Butcher breaches the contract and tries to save Becca and Ryan from Stormfront. Stormfront assaults Ryan’s mother, forcing him to use eye lasers on her. Unfortunately, Becca is accidentally killed. Ryan is forgiven by Butcher after taking his side over Homelander. Using footage from the plane, Maeve pressures Homelander to let them go. As the Boys are cleared of all charges, Edgar ceases his plan to sell Compound V once Stormfront’s Nazi past is revealed. Meanwhile, Annie is reinstated into the Seven. Prior to being killed by the assassin, Adana also rejoins A-Train, but not the Deep. Meanwhile, Ryan is captured by the CIA. Further, Hughie accepts a job at Neuman, not realizing she’s the assassin.

The Ending of ‘The Boys’ Season 1 Explained

Characters from The Boys

Those of you who have read the comics know we now find ourselves in uncharted territory. The comic series killed Becca and her son before the show did, but the comic series hasn’t yet surpassed the series. The series-ending of The Boys season 1 is very different from the comic series. As for Becca, she and the son of Homelander are still alive.

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