The Best Anime Themed Custom Characters From ‘Soul Calibur 6’

In just a week after its release date, Soul Calibur 6 is already the talk of the Internet and gaming communities. There’s no need for a better reason other than its feature that enables the player to create custom characters. I gathered some of the best-made anime-themed custom characters from Twitter, and I will be featuring those images in this post.

Soul Calibur 6 Best Anime Themed Characters

Since we’re at Wano Arc right now in One Piece, Soul Calibur 6 fans dedicated their time to recreate three of the most highlighted characters right now in the series. Zoro and Jack are sporting their cool looks. Zoro cannot have his signature Santoryu technique because the game only supports double-wield weapons. And Zoro is the only one I know who uses three katanas anyway. Of course, Captain Luffy is also here, but his boat will remain visible even after standing up.

The next set of custom characters are known for the strength of their punches. There’s Yu Yu Hakusho’s Yusuke Urameshi, who is known for fighting with his fist as well as his ray guns. There’s Kenshiro who has a habit of informing his enemies that they’re already dead before they knew it. Of course, who would forget Dio? And do I even need to explain Saitama?

And here are the rest of the anime-themed pictures from Soul Calibur 6 custom characters. It’s kinda easy to know why there aren’t any Super Saiyans down the line. The hair is kinda limited, but it is enough to make things interesting for those who want to recreate their favorite characters in the game. Hopefully, more anime characters will be submitted to #CreateASoul. You can submit your own custom character with the hashtag #CreateASoul for getting a chance to be featured in the Soul Calibur 6 official Twitter account.

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