The Beginning Of Yi San’s Majestic Reign As A King in ‘The Red Sleeve Cuff’ Episode 14

The Red Sleeve Episode 14
The Red Sleeve Cuff cr:MBC

The Red Sleeve Cuff Episode 14 will soon be airing, and fans cannot keep calm. The former King and Yi San’s grandfather passed away. He was already losing his memory due to dementia, and the shock of Head Court Lady Jo killing herself in front of him just made his health even worse. He died in the arms of his loving grandson while giving him some words of wisdom that he should abide by. Although the journey was tough and filled with malicious people trying to sabotage him, Yi San finally took over the throne.

It was revealed in the previous episodes that Yi San’s father was ready to sacrifice himself if it guaranteed that Yi San would become the King. Sung Deok Im had had to beg the Queen to interrupt the official meeting to remind the King of ‘The Document Of Truth’. The Document Of Truth was where the King had promised to make Yi San the ruler after him. This is just another addition to the countless times that Sung Deok Im has protected Yi San. In this article, we will be telling you all that you need to know about The Red Sleeve Cuff Episode 14.

The Red Sleeve Cuff Episode 14 Release Date

The Red Sleeve Cuff Episode 14 will be airing on 25 December. Yi San has taken over the throne in The Red Sleeve Cuff, and the entire Joseon dynasty is basking in his glory. Fans are very excited as Yi San becomes the King. He has proved his capability countless times as the crown prince of Joseon. How he did not care about anything and went on to capture the tiger who was killing the villagers. And how when he heard the news of young girls being kidnapped, he refused to listen to Hong Deok Ro’s advice of keeping quiet. Despite all his boundless talents and efforts, the road to the throne was not easy for Yi San.

The Red Sleeve Cuff Episode 14 Release Date
Sung Deok Im and Yi San cr:Rakuten Viki

His attempts to make his grandfather, who was the King, happy were always sabotaged by those who opposed him. However, now that he is the King, audiences are curious to know what he will do with those who oppose him. Tune in to watch The Red Sleeve Cuff Episode 14 to find out.

Where to Watch The Red Sleeve Cuff Episode 14?

This Jung Ji In directed historical kdrama premiered on the South Korean broadcasting network, MBC, on 12 November. Furthermore, The Red Sleeve Cuff consists of a total of seventeen episodes. The series was originally scheduled to have only sixteen episodes. However, the creators decided to bless the viewers with one extra episode that will air on 1 January. Talk about an amazing New Year’s present. The Red Sleeve Cuff has taken up the 22:00 time slot according to Korean Standard Time on MBC. For international viewers, the timings are 8:00 am in America, 8: 00 am in Canada, 12:00 am in Australia, 1:00 pm in the United Kingdom, and 6:30 pm in India. Moreover, The Red Sleeve Cuff releases two episodes per week on Friday and Saturday.

Where to Watch The Red Sleeve Cuff Episode 14?
The Red Sleeve Cuff cr: Rakuten Viki

This historical kdrama took us all by surprise with its badass female characters. Although the King is the ultimate ruler, the women of the palace had extreme power in their hands. The Head Court Lady Jo was running an organization to protect the Court Ladies against any harm. She refused to be just a puppet who would be thrown out when the King decided. Besides Head Court Lady Jo, Queen Jung Soon keeps everything at the castle in check. You could also opt to watch the latest episodes of The Red Sleeve Cuff on Rakuten Viki with subtitles in various languages.

Red Sleeve Cuff Episode 14 preview
The Red Sleeve Cuff cr:MBC

 The Red Sleeve Cuff Episode 14 Preview

The upcoming episodes of The Red Sleeve Cuff will be very thrilling. Fans are very curious to know if the Gangnam Place organization of the Court Ladies will continue. Furthermore, Head Court Lady Jo passed over the burnt robe of the King, who was the reason behind the misery of thousands of Court ladies to Kang Wol Hye. How will Yi San be able to win over the trust of all the court ladies? Will Sung Deok Im agree to be his concubine? Find out in The Red Sleeve Cuff Episode 14.

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