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Spoilers: The Beginning After the End Chapter 116

The Beginning After the End
The Beginning After the End

King Grey’s story will continue over the weekend with the release of “The Beginning After The End” Chapter 116. The manhua releases new chapters every Saturday, and soon, we will be looking at the updates that came with the last chapter. It looks like Arthur’s stay will be short-lived as he has to leave for the dungeon the following day. So he will be spending the last of his free day with his family and preparing for the dungeon.

We also got to know an interesting story about how Arthur ended up as the professor at Xyrus academy as Arthur tells his sister about the event. It is also a full house as his sister also returned from school with his brother already present. Meanwhile, his mother and Tess went out for some fresh air.

Arthur’s impending visit to the dungeon seems to be the issue of the day. This also makes his mother uneasy as she still gets worried even though she knows that Arthur is skilled enough to survive by himself in the dungeon. Towards the end of the day, Tess hasn’t returned yet as it seems like she still has a few things to talk about with Arthur’s mother.¬†

It is at this point that it was clear that Arthur’s mother was worried. So Tess tried to reassure her that she would protect Arthur in case something happened. But in the end, she wanted Tess not to get too involved because it wouldn’t sit well with her if something happens to Tess because Arthur was in danger. With this, they decided to return home, looking forward to seeing off Arthur on his trip to the dungeon.

The Beginning After the End

The Beginning After the End

Previously on The Beginning After The End Chapter 115

In the last episode, we managed to see how Arthur lives his day-to-day life at home. But since he is already a professor at Xyrus academy. He has to return to his duties and will be heading into the dungeon the following day. It looks like Arthur has not yet told Ellie, her little sister, about his trip, and since she is already asleep, he did not want her to wake up to a surprise by tomorrow.

So his brother thought that it would be better if Arthur puts Ellie to sleep, and while he is at it, he will tell her about his departure. Once they got to Ellie’s room, she woke up and asked Arthur when he would leave. He told her that he would be leaving the following day and he could not stay any longer. As compensation, Ellie wanted Arthur to tell her a bedtime story.

¬†Instead, he decided to tell her how he ended as a professor back at the academy. He had saved Kahyln from professor Geist’s spell that had run out of control. After this, he asked to spar with Professor Geis and managed to impress him. At first, he turned down the offer to be one of the professors at the academy. But after they promised him unlimited access to the library and offering him a training room lined with mana crystal, he was finally convinced.

The next morning Arthur was not in his room as his parents wondered if he has already left. They were a little worried, and if he had left, this means that he did not get to say goodbye to his family. Well, all turned to be fine when they realized that he ended up falling asleep while he was telling Ellie’s bedtime stories.

So the next chapter should take us through Arthur’s journey to the dungeon as it is finally time for him to leave. We should see how Ellies will take this once she wakes up. But it looks like she is okay with it and will wait for Arthur to return once he makes it to the dungeon.

The Beginning After The End Chapter 116 Release Date

The beginning After the End Chapter 116 release date is 14 August 2021. The manhua releases new chapters every Saturday, so it should be easier to keep track of new chapters. With no further interruptions apparent for this week, we will receive the next chapter in few days as the weekend approaches.

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