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DC’s Upcoming Film ‘The Batman’ Has Finished Production

The Batman has finished production

There won’t be a child on this planet who doesn’t know about Batman. This DC superhero has truly left an impact on every single person who has watched it. Batman is a member of the super team that was one of the earliest. Batman films were super hits when they were released in the theaters. And had done extremely well in the box office. Due to this, the audience was left craving for more. And this has resulted in the production of a new Batman film, ‘The Batman’. The Batman has finished production. Details about the same are mentioned below.

About The Batman (2022)

The Batman has finished production

Robert Pattison in The Batman

The Batman is a soon to arrive American superhero Film. This film is based on the DC comic series character Batman. The producer and distributers of this film are DC films and Warner Bros, respectively. This film will be a reboot of the Batman Film series franchise. The film is directed by Matt Steves, and the screenplay for the same is written by Peter Craig.

The lead roles in this film will be played by  Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne / Batman, with Zoë Kravitz, Paul Dano, Jeffrey Wright, John Turturro, Peter Sarsgaard, Barry Keoghan, Jayme Lawson, Andy Serkis, and also Colin Farrell. The story of The Batman is set to take place in Batman’s second year of fighting crime and also shows how he finds more about Gotham City’s corruption and faces Riddler. Riddler is a serial killer who is obsessed with riddles and leaves clues in the form of riddles.

The film’s development had begun as early as 2014. But due to various reasons, the production was repeatedly being postponed. Also, in 2014 Ben Affleck was ready to produce, direct, star, and co-write the script along with Geoff Johns. But after struggling on the script for a while Ben stepped down from the position of a writer and director. This happened in Jan 2017. And then Ben focused on the character and aimed to do the character justice.

Reeves overtook the duties as a director and a scriptwriter later in February. He rewrote some aspects of the story and depicted a younger version of Batman. He also emphasized the detective skills of this superhero. Ben Affleck left this project in Jan 2019 due to some unknown reasons. And the film’s shoot began in 2020 and is successfully completed in 2021. But the shoot also had to be put on a stand-by between March and September due to the covid 19 pandemic. But now The Batman has finished production. And the audience is eager for its release.

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The Batman has finished production

The Batman has finished production

Robert Pattison as Batman

The film director Matt Reeves has confirmed that the production of DC’s new film The Batman is finally completed its production stage. While making this statement he also mentioned that t the production of this film was delayed the last month too. As a crewmember had been tested positive for Covid. He also said that shooting for a blockbuster of this scale is already difficult enough even without the threat of Covid. And this proves that Warner Bros’ testing regime is working, and having so many people away from the set is a real headache. And the studio could have done better without it. Especially when there is a stunt team required to shoot some of the most spectacular scenes in the movie.

And this isn’t the first time that the production has been delayed. Production was on hold for six months during the pandemic. and very shortly after the shoot resumed it had to be halted again for a month. As Pattison was found positive in the Covid test. The production stopped for the third time in November when the stuntman was also found Covid positive. So finishing the production was a huge milestone that the film had crossed. Currently, it is set to release on the 4th of March 2022. But looking at the conditions outside it can be possible that the release might be pushed to a further date.

Fans are desperately hoping that this won’t be the case. And they will soon get to enjoy more of their favorite DC superhero Batman.

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