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The Baker and The Beauty Season 2 on Netflix Confirmed for 2021

Speculations On The Baker And The Beauty Season 2
Still From The Official Trailer Of The Baker And The Beauty Featuring Daniel (Victor Rasuk) and Noa (Nathalie Kelley)

Last year, creator Dean Georgaris took a cue from an Israeli romantic-comedy series Beauty and the Baker. Then he went on to create a series of his own titled “The Baker And The Beauty” for Universal Television.  The original Israeli show is one of the highest-rated scripted series ever in Israel. So there were high stakes for Georgaris as he was producing the show with a number of names. The Baker and The Beauty premiered its first episode on April 13, 2020. Despite being a campy and light-hearted lazy watch and decent ratings. The viewership is something that the show lacked. So will the ABC Network renew it for another second season run remained a question?

The Baker And The Beauty follow the story of a regular baking business running boy falling in love with a successful model. Sparks fly between them, taking them on an unexpected journey of love and honesty. So here we are discussing will this fairy tale love story continues with The Baker And The Beauty Season 2 or not?

What Is The Baker And The Beauty About?

The Baker And The Beauty tell us the story of Daniel Garcia. A dedicated family man with lovely Cuban parents and siblings doing everything they tell him. Also involving running their family Bakery business as in Rafael’s Bakery.  Things go upside down for him when he crosses paths with Noa Hollander in Miami. An international superstar and the daughter of a real estate magnate who just got out of a high-profile relationship.

The Baker and The Beauty Plot

Still From The Official Trailer Of The Baker And The Beauty Featuring Victor Rasuk as Daniel Garcia and Nathalie Kelley as Noa Hamilton

Daniel and Noa meet in Miami, and the unlikely couple enjoys doing things together while unexpected feelings arise. Resulting in them falling for each other. Now it’s up to Daniel and Noa to decide how they will live a happy life together. Especially with two completely different families, lifestyles, and cultures that are about to clash.

The Cast Of The Baker And The Beauty

Victor Rasuk leads the cast of The Baker And The Beauty. He adores the role of family man Daniel Garcia running his family’s longtime business of Rafael’s Bakery. Nathalie Kelley joins him as Noa Hamilton, the famous model who falls in love with him. The main cast, apart from the leads of the show, also includes Dan Bucatinsky as Noa’s Manager Lewis.

The Baker And The Beauty Cast

Still From The Official Trailer Of The Baker And The Beauty Featuring The Garcia Family From Left To Right: Lisa Vidal as Mari Garcia, Victor Rasuk as Daniel Garcia, Carlos Gómez as Rafael Garcia, David Del Río as Mateo Garcia and Belissa Escobedo as Natalie

The Garcia family starting off with David Del Río as Daniel’s younger brother Mateo Garcia, Belissa Escobedo as Daniel, and Mateo’s younger sister Natalie, Lisa Vidal joins in as their mother Mari Garcia and Carlos Gómez as their father and owner of Rafael’s bakery, Rafael Garcia. The rest of the supporting and recurring cast sees Michelle Veintimilla as Daniel’s ex-girlfriend Vanessa, Georgina Reilly as Noa’s Best Friend Piper, and Madelyn Sher as Natalie’s love interest Amy.

Is The Baker And The Beauty Season 2 Happening?

No, a second season for The Baker And The Beauty won’t be happening officially. At least for now. ABC canceled the show in its very first run last summer. The reason behind the cancellation was obviously the low viewership. There was nothing much wrong with the show. The fact that it didn’t garner or catch much of the eyeballs due to its regular plotting setup was the main reason. The highly-rated script did a decent job for the US adaptation. It’s just the network wasn’t interested in giving it a second chance.  Thus leading to the cancellation right after the show aired its finale.

Is A Second Seaon For The Baker And The Beauty Happening

Still From The Official Trailer Of The Baker And The Beauty Featuring Victor Rasuk As Daniel

Still, there are a few expectations from the fans who watched the show. The Baker And The Beauty recently arrived on Netflix US on 13th April 2021. The fans went crazy and took to social media to share their happiness. Netflix as an OTT platform has revived a number of TV shows and turned them into an overnight success. Black Mirror, Arrested Development, Lucifer, and Money Heist are just a few names. Even these shows met with cancellation, but their streaming numbers were huge, and Netflix took it themselves to produce them.

So, if one way or another, if The Baker And The Beauty turn out to be a lazy watch on the streaming side of a thing; There are chances of Netflix giving it another chance and bringing in The Baker and The Beauty Season 2. We are keeping our fingers crossed, though. You can stream The Baker And The Beauty on Netflix In the US right now. Check out the official trailer for The Baker And The Beauty below.

Nathalie Kelley On The Baker And The Beauty Cancellation

Nathalie Kelley stars in The Baker And The Beauty as Noa Hamilton. The cancellation news of The Baker And The Beauty didn’t fit right with the actor when she realized there would be no second season further and a good story will be kept off the hook. The actress went on to bash at the Network, calling them tone-deaf.

Nathalie Kelly On The Cancellation Of The Baker And The Beauty

Still From The Official Trailer Of The Baker And The Beauty Featuring Nathalie Kelly as Noa

Nathalie Kelley quoted that she believes in the representation of black and brown people of color and how important it is for television shows. All these shows, in one way, determine how society sees us, leading to the support of other communities. She went on to bash, saying if we depict only narcos and maids constantly, we can’t expect to have votes and a leader deciding the fate of immigrants.

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