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The Bachelorette: Are Katie And Blake Still Together?

The hit show, The Bachelorette, is all about giving a single woman the platform of choosing who she wants to be with the rest of her life. We are currently in the Season 17 of the show and in this particular season, bank marketing manager Katie Thurston was provided the opportunity to pick out who she wanted to be her dream partner. For those of you who don’t know who Blake Moynes, he was the former contestant on The Bachelor.

Ever since Blake was introduced in the fourth week of Season 17, Katie looked like she was besotted with him. Their chemistry was undeniable and to be frank they did look perfect together and even dedicated to each other. That alone was enough to get fans thinking about the pair and whether or not they’d be good together until the very end. With the finale of the show all set to come out on August 9th, speculation seems to be growing by the second.

Season 17 Finale of The Bachelorette: What We Know Thus Far

First things first, let’s get into who actually Blake was, besides his short-lived career on The Bachelor. He was a contestant on Season 16 of the show and he dated two contestants namely, Clare Crawley and Tayshia Adams. It’s quite obvious none of those relationships worked out and therefore he’s single. In this Season of The Bachelorette, he appeared to woo Katie Thurston and the two were spotted chatting online before he showed up on set.

Blake was introduced in episode 4 of season 17.

Blake mentioned initially Katie didn’t show much interest in him and that her online responses were quite cold. But now that he’d decided to woo her over, he knew he would put a lot of effort. And when the showmakers offered him Season 17, he grabbed the opportunity with both his hands.Β The Season 17 finale of The Bachelorette Finale is all set to be out soon, and since then, fans of the show have been speculating whether Katie Thurston and Blake Moyne will still be together, or will Katie stick with Greg Grippo, after all. Now that The Bachelorette is nearing the end of its season, fans would ideally like to see Katie with someone and the Blake-Katie shippers prefer it be Moynes rather than anyone else.

Season 17 Finale: Will Katie And Blake End Up Together?

The biggest mystery surrounding The Bachelorette is whether Katie Thurston and Blake Moynes are still together or not. Soon after Blake was introduced to the show, he and Katie made an immense display of chemistry. The two went on a date right after Blake’s arrival and Katie enjoyed his company a lot. But more important than that, she seemed comfortable with him. Katie also mentioned that Blake was something she’d been looking for for a long time and then he checked all her boxes. She called him “perfect partner” and an “excellent kisser.” Soon after their one-on-one date, fans could tell that they were mutually attracted to each other and maybe they were made to be together for the rest of their lives.

Blake organized a small hockey game for Katie.

In the real-life, Blake is a wildlife manager, and Katie loves animals, so it’s obvious that the two bonded over their love for wildlife, and animals in general. In an episode clip, they were shown spending a day with the horses and having fun. And as the show progressed and contestants kept getting eliminated one by one, the two, Katie and Blake moved an inch closer to each other. He was trying his best to impress the bank marketing manager, and she, in turn, was visibly impressed with him and enjoying his company.

In the hometown episode, Katie and Blake’s hometown date was deemed as the best one she had been to so far. She took her family to Blake and he organized a hockey match for the group and Katie seemed to enjoy the day to the best of what it had to offer. As far as their status is known, it’s highly private whether or not they are still together. No one knows for sure. They could be together and hide it from their fans or they simply couldn’t be together. They have been private and we’ll update you with more information on the couple very soon.

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