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The Aquatope on White Sand Episode 3: Release Date, Preview and Recap

The Aquatope on White Sand

A girl who gives up on a dream decided to travel around and meet with a fortune teller. She received news about her future. Fuuka ends up meeting Kukuru at her workplace. Let’s find how the encounter between the two will continue on The Aquatope on White Sand. Fuuka asks Kukuru to let her stay here, and she will take any job. Kukuru told her to wait outside, and they later head home together. Kukuru reveals that she is the director but over summer break. The two arrive at Kukuru’s house, and her grandfather allows Fuuka to stay with them.

The grandfather enjoys relaxing on an electric chair while the grandmother prepares the Okinawan doughnuts. Fuuka decided to help Kukuru’s grandmother while Kukuru talks with her grandfather. Inside the kitchen, Kukuru’s grandmother is surprised to hear that Fuuka’s parents allowed her to do a live-in job. In the evening, Fuuka sits outside alone, peeling the green peas. Her mom called her, and she realizes that she has missed many calls. Fuuka told her mother that she is at her friend’s place and her group members put on a farewell party for me.

Fuuka’s mom complains about why she is not coming home, and she replies that she is at Kukuru’s home. Kukuru headed to Kimeichi’s workplace and talked about the paperwork. The trio spoke about Kukuru’s plan for summer, and the other girl thought it is an elementary-school research project. Kukuru hand over the paper drafted with the plans that she wants to do during summer. The girls get surprised when they see Kukuru’s budget and get such an amount of money. Kukuru comments that she will work hard and bring more customers during the summer.

Previously on The Aquatope on White Sand Episode 2

Kukuru realizes that this is the last summer for her, and she has to work hard. The girls decided to help her and suggest handing off the summer event flyers. They talked about a new girl, and Kukuru told them that Fuuka is staying at her place. The girls realize that it will be easy to work since Fuuka will help them. Kukuru heads home and shares the same room with Fuuka and tells her not to mind the lack of space.

Kukuru begins to ask personal questions, and Fuuka wonders if they have to talk about her life. The two spoke about summer events, and Kukuru is curious since she is the summer director. The next day in the morning, the two head to work, and Kukuru decided to introduce a new member to old workers. Fuuka met with Yakamashi Kuuya, one of the attendants. Fuuka told him her name and that she is pleased to work with him.

The Aquatope on White Sand

The Aquatope on White Sand

Fuuka’s New Work

Kukuru told Fuuka about other gramps, who is the aquarium director, and Umi, another attendant. Gramps is out on business, and Umi is on break due to health issues. She told the workers that Fuuka would be working and staying with them for a while. Yakamashi thinks it is boring since he is not used to hanging around girls and decided to do his work. Kukuru told Fuuka not to mind Yakamashi since he has a hard time with girls.

Kukuru reveals that they have a vet who comes in, and she will introduce Fuuka when they see them. Fuuka receives a new uniform and comments that it smells like fish. Kukuru noticed Fuuka’s nail polish and told her about no putting anything like perfume or cosmetics. It helps plants and animals inside the workplace, and she orders her to remove nail polish and make-up. Fuuka agrees and realizes that it is the rules of her new job.

Fuuka apologizes, and Kukuru realizes that she didn’t tell her about the rules of this job. Kukuru told Fuuka that they would be feeding penguins today. Fuuka removes all the things that are not allowed during work time, and Kukuru takes out the fish for the penguins. She told Fuuka that they feed penguins horse mackerel defrosted in running water. They both put vitamins inside the fish to keep the penguin’s body healthy. Later Fuuka told Kukuru that she would let her parents know about her job when she settles.

The Aquatope on White Sand Episode 3 Release Date

The Aquatope on White Sand Episode 3 release date is 22 July 2021. You can watch The Aquatope on White Sand online on Crunchyroll, ANIPLUS, and VRV. You can look at What To Expect From The Aquatope On White Sand Episode 2?

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