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‘The 8th Night’ Netflix Korean Movie: What We Know So Far

the 8th night netflix

The 8th Night Netflix original thriller has announced its release date. The upcoming crime thriller has also released some shots of the cast. With the soaring popularity of Kdramas and Korean Entertainment, Netflix is also expanding its library day by day. And now it’s coming with a film, which is set to debut in July. ‘The 8th Night’ will be a mystery thriller and the new stills are already making us curious to know more about the film. The film is also known as The Night of the 8th Day in many other regions of the world. So, don’t get confused. Without waiting any further let us give you all updates on Netflix’s The 8th Night. From release date to cast, we have covered everything for you.

The 8th Night is an upcoming South Korean mystery thriller movie by director Kim Tae Hyung. Do not mistake him for singer and BTS Member. Kim Tae Hyung will also be writing down the script for the film. Moreover, the movie will be his directorial debut and first project.

Although the film falls under the “mystery-thriller” section, it will also have elements of occult, possession, exorcism, and horror. Hence, get ready for a fantasy-filler horror ride.

The 8th Night Netflix Release Date and Plot

The 8th Night is releasing on July 2, 2021. As it is a Netflix original, it will be available all across the globe to stream online. All you need is a Netflix subscription and you are ready to enjoy the films and dramas.

Netflix has a huge list of Korean dramas and films to enjoy. Due to its popularity, the streamer is taking the initiative to launch as much original content as it can. Netflix will also be releasing a crime thriller Kdrama, Suriname, soon.

the 8th night netflix

As for the plot, the film is a mystery thriller. It will take you on a journey of eight days. These days will be filled with the struggle against “the spirit that must not be awakened.” If this spirit is awakened, it will bring a painful hell to the world. There should be a way to stop the spirit from crossing the “seven-footbridges.”

The audience will get a film filled with suspense as they will witness “being” slowly crossing over the seven-footbridges. Meanwhile, they will also experience the thrilling story of the characters connected by karma.

The plot of the movie sounds interesting and one of a kind. Analyzing the content library, newcomer Kim Tae Hyung is definitely bring something new from the Kpop land.

Sadly, no teaser or trailer is released yet. But, considering that the movie is only a month away, we can expect it to launch in a few days. Until then, stay tuned for more updates.

The cast of The 8th Night

In order to showcase different interconnected storylines, Netflix’s The 8th Night has picked a brilliant ensemble cast.

Lee Sung Min will be playing Park Jin Soo. His character is the “destined”  protector and he has to make sure that the seal on the “being” is not broken. The actor has impressed fans with his role in Several Kdramas and films. Some of his hit films are The Man Standing Next & The Spy Gone North. He will be seen next in movie titles Remember, Handsome Guys, and Confidential: The Birth of Power. 

Park Hae Joon is joining the film as Kim Ho Tae. Ho-Tae is the violent crimes detective, who will take the charge of investigating the seven bodies found in a deformed state. Hae Joon is known for her roles in “Incomplete Life,” “Arthdal Chronicles,” and “The World of the Married.”

the 8th night netflix

Kim Yoo Jung will play Ae Ran, an unknown girl with a secret, which will add mystery behind the seven footbridges. The young actress is known for her performances in  “Love in the Moonlight” and “The Moon Embracing the Sun”

the 8th night netflix release date

Nam Da Reum is playing the role of Cheong Seok. His character is a young monk, who will inform the protector, Park Jin Soo, that the being is about to awake. Da Reum has been impressing the audience with his roles in dramas like “Six Flying Dragons,” “Beautiful World,” and “Start-Up.”

The movie also stars Choi Jin Ho and Lee Eol.

You can watch Kim Yoo Jung’s Love in The Moonlight here on Netflix. 

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