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The 4400 Reboot: Everything We Know So Far

the 4400 reboot release date
The 4400 reboot release date

In this article, we cover The 4400 reboot release date and what we know so far. Firstly, do you even remember The 4400? That show paved the way for productions like Glitch and the Returned. What do the 4400 and those two shows have in common? The plotline. A bunch of dudes coming back from the grave. Sure, there are a lot of shows like that. But early in the 2000s, it was all about the 4400. Secondly, the 4400 was a show created by USA Network back in 2004 when the network was testing out several ideas and hit a home run with this production that will be rebooted by The CW after toying the idea for quite some time!

This 4400 reboot will be very dissimilar from its predecessor and original USA network series. With a modern, up-to-date storyline. Consequentially, this article covers several things like the awaited release date, production dates, and other details your fans might be wondering about. The CW pretends to use the same story with the original 4400: A bunch of people return from their deaths to the present time with the consequential societal effects and details. Initially, the 4400 from the 2000s were set in Washington state, but now the series moves to the midwest, to Detroit, Michigan.

The 4400 Reboot Release Date

The 4400 Reboot will be released on October 25, 2021, at 10 pm CT. While The CW plans to release this production, they made announcements earlier this year. They made public the release date along with a teaser trailer on their YouTube account. On July 18, 2021, The CW dropped a 30-second teaser trailer with just some brief seconds shots of some people staging a protest. And a man becoming aware of something as the camera and a harrowing soundtrack focuses on him for a brief moment. What follows in that brief segment of the video consists of some captions regarding the date.

The 4400 2021 Reboot Cast

TL Thompson (you might remember him from “Straight White Men”) will play Dr. Andre, a transsexual doctor who died in New York’s Harlem district a century ago. With his 100-year old medical skills, he plans to treat other returnees from death to modernity. Secondly, there’s Cory Jeacoma’s character Logan. You might recall Logan from his role in “Power Book 2: Ghost”. Cory will play a single parent whose wife comes back from death to raise his child with him. Thirdly, the role of Reverend Johnson, the 4400 group leader, will be in charge of Joseph David-Jones.

The 4400 reboot release date

The 4400 Reboot will air on the CW this fall 2021.

Autumn Best will play a dead teenager from the 197-‘s called Mildred, an intelligent girl with no remorse about leaving her former life. Furthermore, Ireon Roach plays parole officer Keisha. A concerned government official works as part of the official plan to tackle the bunch of dead people coming back from death. Keisha’s role will be crucial in the plotline as she will be a staple character that defines in broad strokes how society reacts to these new people coming in from the great beyond.

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What is the 4400 reboot story like? Will it be like the first show or totally different?

The 4400 2021 reboot story takes us to Detroit, Michigan, while the original was in Washington state. This new show will put underprivileged and disenfranchised groups in the spotlight. With over 4400 possible stories, the number of stories that the new 4400 could tell is endless. And with the CW trying to address the woke left’s push for diversity castings, the show will put a lot of emphasis on these aspects. For Mark Pedowitz, CEO at The CW, the network plans to picture a more representative picture of the modern society and considers the 4400 as a prime candidate for their attempts at tackling the issue.

The 4400 reboot release date

The 4400 reboot release date is October 25, 2021, at 22:00hrs Central time, United States. Are you watching it?

The 2000s 4400 were an original idea of Scott Peters and René Echevarría. It was a sci-fi show from a time when sci-fi shows with that plotline were a novelty. Just as The Sopranos paved the way for productions like Breaking Bad, 4400 paved the way for shows like Glitch and Lost. With a total of 44 episodes for a period of three years, the initial 4400 told the story of a bunch of men and women who mysteriously rose from the dead, with actors like Academy Award winner Mahershala Ali and other great performers like Jacqueline McKenzie, Joel Gretsch, and Conchita Campbell.

To wrap things up. The 4400 reboot release date will be on October 25, 2021, at 22hrs. It will be a very dissimilar show from its predecessor. Additionally, the show’s story will be set in Detroit, Michigan. With an ensemble cast featuring Joseph David-Jones and Ireon Roach, the 4400 will tell in each episode a story of a man or a woman coming back from death as they adapt to the present world with the corresponding consequences. And that’s a wrap on our coverage of this CW upcoming production. Please keep coming back to Otakukart for more updates on this and your other favorite series!

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