The 100 Season 6: Cast, Air Date, And Plot

The 100 Season 6

CW has decided to renew the post-apocalypse drama for the 2018-2019 season and fans are really happy about it. Let’s talk more about The 100 Season 6 release date and what to expect from this new installment of the show. The series tells the story of what happens almost a century after a nuclear apocalypse killed and wiped out almost every single lifeforms on the face of the earth.

Only 2400 survivors are living in the massive space station circling the planet called the Ark, which encompasses many smaller stations and spacecraft. The Ark support systems begin to falter, and one hundred young prisoners are sent to the surface of the earth to determine whether or not it is safe to inhabit the planet again.

Soon they find out that not every human being is dead and some have managed to survive this nuclear apocalypse. The survivors are called “Grounders,” and they live in caves and group themselves around clans-like societal agreements in battle with another group of cannibals called the Reapers. There is also a third group of survivors that call themselves Mountain Men who are descendants of those who prepped for the apocalypse.

The 100 Season 6 Release Date

These 100 juvenile prisoners throughout the several seasons have tried to survive the very drastic, harsh, fallout, a nuclear-ridden world to establish communications with the Ark. And alliances and rivalries and shock events ensue all throughout the first five seasons.

The 100 Season 6 Air Date

There is no concrete release date to be announced, but we in OtakuKart are paying close attention to this series because the President of The CW Mark Pedowitz said at an event with the Winter Television Critics Association that they’re even planning another season on top of the upcoming sixth one. In the past seasons, they have started in the first trimester of the year, being key months January and February, albeit this year, The 100 started in springtime April. So it’s likely to be back around April or may next year.

The 100 Season 6 Plot?

Fans are not sure what to expect from this season. Although fans can expect to see much bigger and stark plot twists than the ones they’ve seen before. Cast and producers have kept a tight lid on the content. But executive producer Jason Rothenberg said a few brief words: “New Adventures” So there’s a lot to be seen and heard from these guys.


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