The 100 Season 6: Announcement, Rumors, Update

The 100 will be coming back for its sixth season and as expected the fans are extremely excited for the release of the new season. The fifth season of the 100 received very positive responses from the fans. So, the news of renewal wasn’t shocking in the least bit. The announcement of the renewal was made by the president of the CW, Mark Pedowitz.

He said, “He [Executive producer Jason Rothernberg] may have a six or seven-year plan to it. I don’t know if I’m allowed even to say that, that he has a plan beyond year five, but he does.” However, there is no news about the release date of the sixth season. But if we go by what the rumors say, then it might come out in May-June 2019, and many people believe that it will come out in early 2019.

The 100 Season 6 Release Date

The release date will depend on the time of the production. It could be moved to a later time if the production is finished soon. Jason Rothenberg revealed that there are some huge plans for the new season. He said, “I did have an endpoint in mind, and that endpoint has been reached, and yet we broke a whole new story wide open. When this season comes to an end, it sets up a whole new adventure in a way that surprised me.”

“We do keep reinventing the show every year — every year is a new adventure, a new set of bad guys, a new set of goals for our heroes. So as long as we are blessed enough to make it — I think the twist at the end of this season is bigger than anything we have done in the past, let us put it that way. It could set us up for a long run,” he added.

It has certainly got the fans riled up with excitement. So, it will be worth seeing what happens in the sixth season. That’s all we know for now; we will keep you posted as we get more information in our hands.

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