The 10 Must Have Mods For Sims 4 – 2018 Updated

Hey everyone! Today we’ll talk about the best Sims 4 mods that you totally need it. Sims games are obviously much better to play with cheats and modes. If you are looking to add new elements to The Sims 4, your first cue should be to take a look at modding.

What Is Modding?
It is only through Modding that you can make tweaks to Sims games. Modding lets you do almost everything and anything, minor quality of life updates to themed visual packs; you can have them all.

The only problem that games face is that there are so many mods out there that you might get distracted. Also, some of the mods are potentially harmful too. So you might never know. I am here to discuss all of that with you. Let’s get right into the best Mods IMO.

1. The Emotional Inertia mod by roBurky:
This mod is the top one in my view. It lets you balance things thereby making your Sims more consistent than before in terms of mood. Emotions make much more sense by the end, and it takes a lot of effort to change the mood of the Sim after this mod has been used.

2. Personality Please mod by PolarBearSims:
This mod lets your Sims game feel a little more alive. You can have personality based, deep and meaningful interactions about your career and what not. Idle chat is cut out too.

3. The Mars Human Colony by iSandor:
This mod lets you imagine what it would be like of humans colonized Mars. It becomes fun too when it adds a collection of sci-fi bubble houses which are connected by airtight corridors and walkways. It reminds you of Earth too.

4. MC Command Center by Deaderpool:
This mod is for your Sims to get married, have a thriving community life and what not. You can have children, take up jobs. It is like the regular family life that you Experience.

5. Go To School Mod by Zerbu:
As the name suggests, this mod lets your Sim enjoy work and go to school at the same time. If you want to attend school with your children, this is the Mod for you. It traces the elementary and high school life. The complete school life experience like studying, painting, interactions with classmates, etc. can be experienced.

6. Skeeball and Photobooth by fire2icewitch:
It adds Photobooth and skeeball machines into your game. It’s like a game in a game. You have fun with this Mod. An arcade room or game room that you plan to build in the game, you can use this Mod.

7. UI Cheats by weerbesu:
This Mod lets you tweak and cheat from the UI. One doesn’t have to type any specific commands, just download this Mod, and you are done. You can click on any value you want to see, set your time, money add or subtract. It lets you be in charge of things in the game.

8. Sabrina the Teenage Witch House by LianZeimas:
This Mod lets you experience the magic. You can create a magical house from the TV show Sabrina, The Teenage Witch. It also lets you add a black cat for some extra fun too.

9. The Simpsons House by iSandor:
IMO, iSandor has created best Mods. It adds the iconic pink Simpsons House into The Sims 4. Cool, right?

10. Stop Random Flirting by aariancya:
This Mod lets you stop the random flirting that occurs when you see Sims in a flirty mood. You can put an end to the unnecessary behavior of your Sims by this Mod.

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