‘Terminator: Dark Fate’ All We Know So Far

The latest sequel of Terminator series will be one of its latest attempts to recreate the magic of the first two Terminator movies. Also, this sequel will ignore the storylines of all the sequels that were made after Terminator 2. This means that the movie makers are planning it to be the real successor to the Terminator 2 movie.

Arnold Schwarzenegger will be back for this movie along with Linda Hamilton who hasn’t been the part of the series since Terminator 2. The major comeback for this is going to be that of James Cameron. He hasn’t worked with the franchise since the second part and it is believed that the magic essence of Terminator franchise degraded after he left.

So, the franchise will be aiming to restore the magic of Terminator movies with the restoration of James Cameron at the helm. The director of this movie is going to be Tim Miller who has directed Deadpool movie which has been a massive success. A clip was released a few days back of the movie and here is what we got to know about the movie from the clip:

A couple of teenagers find a new Terminator woman in Mexico. The teenagers think that this woman could be hurt meanwhile police arrive and the Terminator deals with them easily. The kids thank her, but she tells them nit to thank her yet. After that, the kids and Terminator woman are chased by another Terminator and then Sarah Connor who is now played by the returning Hamilton take a gunshot.

The last scene of the footage showed Sarah saying the iconic phrase “I’ll be back.” When the footage finished the cast of Terminator: Dark Fate came out and guessed who got the warmest reception, yes you guessed it right the man himself Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Sarah Connor Terminator Dark Fate

The first movie of Terminator franchise launched back in 1984 which was obviously titled, Terminator.

Then came out the sequel of this movie which received the most appreciation till now. This sequel was titled “Terminator: Judgement Day.” This was James Cameron’s final movie of which he was an integral part in Terminator series.

After this, we have witnessed multiple attempts of the franchise to recreate the magic of Terminator franchise but they all failed. These movies include Terminator 3, 4 and 5. Let us hope Terminator 2’s worthy successor will be Terminator: Dark Fate. I personally am eagerly waiting for the next movie of this legendary franchise.

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