Tensions Continues Between Gong Ki Joon and Jung Young Joo in Episode 7 Of School 2021

School 2021 episode 7 release date
cr: KBS2

School 2021 is preparing to test the real tension between the leading characters of the drama. With Gong Ki Joon (Wei’s Kim Yohan) and Jung Young Joo (Chu-Young Woo) not getting along with each other, the lives of all the students overlap. In brief, things are starting to get spicier than before. Hence, more drama! The last episode of the eighth School Installement series showcased Gong Ki Joon and Jin Ji Won (Cho Yi Hyun) living under the same roof. However, the two are having a hard time adjusting to their current closeness. Meanwhile, the others at school have their own battles, bringing a lot to the table in School 2021 Episode 7. 

Even though the drama has to offer enough plot and cliffhangers in the future, the situation between Gong Ki Joon, Jin Ji Won, and Jung Young Joo is the most exciting. The three are caught up in an almost-love triangle. While on the other hand, viewers want to get an update on Kang Seo Young (Hwang Bo Reum) and Young Joo’s fake relationship. The former is working hard to get into a top university. And, her life is about to become harder in the School 2021 Episode 7. 

Here’s all you need to know about the upcoming episode of the teenage drama.

School 2021 Episode 7 Release Date

School 2021 Episode 7 will release on December 15, 2021, at 9:30 PM KST. On a Wednesday, the upcoming episode will drop on KBS2, the show’s original network. You can catch it via a cable network if you live in the nation. In the preview for School 2021 Episode 7, Seo Kang decides to work after attending the hectic classes at school all day. Also, we find her making a firm decision to apply for colleges, no matter what happens. Moving on, Gong Ki Joon and his grandfather are indulged in an interesting chat, where the younger male tells him that “once he starts, he learns things fast.”

Furthermore, Jin Ji Won gets in an emotional yet rough conversation with her mother. Ji Won gets tearful after her mother tells her to quit when the time is right. The two already have their differences with the ‘college’ issues. Thus, it will be intriguing to know how their relationship will look in future episodes.

School 2021 episode 7
cr: KBS2

Seo Kang and Young Joo will most likely get into another conversation about their relationship. Also, Young Joo has received an offer from someone, and we will learn about it in Ep 7.

Lastly, the teaser ends with Gong Ki Joon being concerned for Jin Ji Won, as he does not want to see another hard-working person getting their dreams ruined.

School 2021 Ep 7 Online Streaming Details

School 2021 is a KBS2 original drama. Just like the previous seven ‘School’ Installments, all of them are backed up by the KBS media network. However, streaming School 2021 is pretty easy for people living outside South Korea. The teenage drama is also a Viki original, meaning you can catch School 2021 Ep 7 online without any hassle. Rakuten Viki to Viki is an online portal and application where you can binge-watch South Korean dramas and other Asian content for free and with a subscription.

School 2021 episode 7 release date
cr: KBS2

‘School 2021’ requires a subscription, which varies from country to country. Once you pick a plan and pay for it, you will be able to watch the teen drama and all the upcoming new episodes. Watch it here. 

Gong Ki Joon and Jung Young Joo: Who Will Win Jin Ji Won’s Heart?

As the students prepare to reach their goals, tension among the lovers at school is also rising. Jin Ji Won, Gong Ki Joon, and Jung Young Joo top the list, as the three are still unsettled with each other’s bond.

We see everyone working hard in the woodworking group in the last episodes. Due to a minor mistake, Jin Ji Won is about to hurt herself, but Young Joo saves her time. While the two share proximity, Gong Ki Joon stares at them in a distressed mood. Or Jealousy? Even Seo Kang looks at them with attention, raising the viewers’ eyebrows.

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