Television Show “The Passage” Cancelled By Fox

This is that week of the year when the television networks look to keep the good series on air and cancel out the series that are not performing we in the market. The Passage has been a victim of one such thing. On 10 May 2019, it was announced that the television series The Passage has been cancelled after just one season.

The series was released in January 2019 and went off to a flyer with 5.2 million live and same day views but as the series went on its viewership also decreased and by the end of the series it was just left with 3.1 million views. This could be the major reason why the television series has been cancelled.

Another reason could be that since the acquisition of Fox by Disney, the studio handling the series is no longer owned by Fox thus this could be another reason for this new series to be cancelled out. Talking about the series itself, it has been created by Liz Heldens. Some of the major cast include Saniyya Sidney, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Jamie McShane, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Caroline Chikezie, etc.

For those who are still interested in the series, here is the synopsis of this series.
The series focuses on a secret project known as Noah. This project is all about testing a very dangerous virus capable of wiping out all humanity but also if the project succeeds it could save all human race from any type of disease. An officer is tasked with bringing in a human test subject but then decides to save her. Meanwhile, it is revealed that due to the testing of the virus on humans a new powerful species have been evolved inside the walls of Project Noah.

These new dangerous species are looking to test their powers and also eventually want to go out into the open world. If they somehow manage to get out then we know that the world is doomed but the humans must save the outside world from witnessing these lethal creatures.

the passage season 2

From the synopsis, the series does indeed seem to be pretty damn interesting and indeed it is a shame that the series has been cancelled by Fox.

But it is still possible if some other company finds the series productive, it could give this series a new time slot on their network. Let us hope that some television network sees the potential of the series and becomes the host. Do let us know what your thoughts regarding the cancellation of The Passage are in comments.

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