techglen]] Dr. Stone Chapter 84 Potential Spoilers – Sea Exploration Begins

Senku and the others are down for a new adventure in Dr. Stone chapter 84. To be able to save Tsukasa, and to advance the current technology present, Senku and the others need to find the mysterious beam that petrified everyone. In Dr. Stone chapter 84, the sea exploration will begin and what’s a better way to start other than building a ship?

Dr. Stone Chapter 84 – The Kingdom Of Science Ship

In order for Senku and others to sail into the sea and find the petrifying beam to heal Tsukasa, they will need to build a ship that can withstand the new sea, which is unexplored for thousands of years. Even though there would be a map of the old world, there’s no real way to learn about the changes on the Earth other than re-exploring it again. To be able to do this, they need to build a formidable ship.

Dr. Stone chapter 84 might showcase Senku and other’s time while building the ship that can sail the new ocean. Since the people of Ishigami Village does not try, not even once, to leave the place, they are clueless about navigation and seafaring. Senku is expected to make the introduction and make the whole village amazed once again. But what’s even more amazing would be the ship that they will build in the stone age.

Will they build something grand that even Old Kaseki will not be able to grasp what’s going on? Or will they build something more modest and simple? Nonetheless, Senku is expected to amaze the villagers with the engineering needed to get a ship sailing. It would also be possible that they will build a more sturdy ship with the help of Tsukasa’s army. It is still too early for them to know if there are other humans out there who managed to wake up from petrification. But if there will be new characters, this arc will be the perfect time to introduce them.

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