A year after its launch, Nintendo Switch is still one of the hottest consoles right now in the market. Almost all the games being released right now have a Switch version released alongside other platforms. Nintendo ensures that the Switch will be secured from its hardware to its software which is the reason why there’s a little amount of Nintendo Switch hack for the console.

Nintendo Switch Hack & Emulation

Emulation of other consoles inside modern machines stems from the demand of players to play older games on a more powerful machine. This practice is more popular on handheld consoles such as PlayStation Portable. A group called Reswitch is planning to achieve the success of emulation in PSP on Nintendo Switch. So far, the group has been successful in exploiting the Nvidia inside the Switch.

Nintendo Switch Hack

Calling the software “Fusée Gelée”, this is a “proof-of-concept cold boot execution hack capable on the Switch”. The trick is by exploiting the coding mistake in the read-only bootrom found in Tegra devices. The group has done dedicated work to make the Switch an “emulator” as well as “homebrew” friendly. However, as of the moment, there is no instruction for dummies available in the future. It is advised that users that have no experience in tinkering the Switch to keep their consoles intact until an easy procedure is announced.

This bug only affects units that have been sold or has “left the factory”. Future copies of the Nintendo Switch are expected to have patched after the exposure of the bug. This would mean that the older version of the console would be easier to bug in the future. It is advised to stick in older versions if you want to try and tamper your console on a future date.

Ninendo Switch Hack

Fusée Gelée currently has two variants, the software variant, which does the exploitation via the use of software, and the hardware variant, which needs to pry the switch open. Although the software variant is safer, the hardware variant would be more effective.

To do this trick, the group advised preparing the following: at least 64GB microSD card, USB A-to-C cable (for backup of NAND), and a tri-wing screwdriver set. The set of instructions and the Fusée Gelée itself might be released this summer, as per Kate Temkin.


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