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Tears in Heaven Episode 25: Release Date and Preview

Tears in Heaven episode 25
Ongoing Chinese drama, Tears in Heaven

Tears in Heaven is currently an ongoing Chinese drama. Tears in Heaven Episode 25 release date and more on its preview and cast is something we will be taking up today. Until now, 24 episodes of the drama have already been released so far. Tears in Heaven Episode 25 is about to release next. The romantic love story has been adapted from a novel named Variety Flowers at Seaside by Fei Wo Si Cun. The drama features Shawn Dou, Li Qin, Leon Zhang, and Li Ting Zhe in the main lead roles. And hence the drama has four main characters. Not all love forms are the same, and a few love stories are eternal.

Tears in Heaven episode 25

The main lead actress from the drama Tears in Heaven

As the title of the drama suggests, the overall series deals with a huge tragedy when one of the main lead characters dies. The main lead female character of the drama is Du Xiao Su, who is unable to move on after the love of her life dies. The story of the drama started off on a good note, with Du Xiao Su disguising herself as a nurse in order to get a few pictures of a celebrity who was admitted to the hospital. She works as an entertainment reporter and hence is an extremely wilful and high-spirited girl.

In the hospital, she meets the talented doctor, Shao Zhen Rong. Immediately their relationship starts off, and their love story begins. But fate had something else in store for them, and Shao Zhen Rong lost his life in a mishap. After which Du Xiao Su finds it difficult to move on in life and fall in love again.

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When will Tears in Heaven Episode 25 Release?

Tears in Heaven episode 25 will release on 10th July 2021. The drama has a total of 41 episodes and airs its episodes every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The drama is quite liked by many and is one the most awaited dramas ever. Since the filming of the drama was done back in 2016-2017 but air now being aired in the year 2021. The drama has four main characters, namely, Du Xiao Su, Li Xiang Yuan, Lei Yu Zheng, and Shao Zhen Rong. Tears in Heaven is also popularly known as Variety flowers at Seaside. The drama is extremely interesting, with more or more plot twist happening every now and then, which mostly keeps the viewers engaged and entertained throughout.

Tears in Heaven epsiode 25 release date

A Still from the drama Tears in Heaven

Shao Zhen Rong dies in an earthquake mishap; Du Xiao Su is absolutely shattered and finds it difficult to move on with the men around her life. Du Xiao Su has also had a past relationship with Lei Yu Zheng, who is none other than Shao Zhen Rong’s second brother. But as time pass by, Lei Yu Zheng realizes that he has always had feelings for Du Xiao Su. But love isn’t that easy; it keeps testing us from time to time. What happens next, how long the relationship between Du Xiao Su and Lei Yu Zheng goes is something we will get to know with the release of the upcoming episodes. 

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Preview: Tears in Heaven Episode 25

The preview of Tears in Heaven episode 25 is already out. It shows us in detail what we can expect from the upcoming episode of the drama overall. The 25th episode of the drama will resume from where it left off in the last and will take the story one step ahead. How far will Lei Yu Zheng go to express his love is something to look forward to. With many more interesting revelations, what final turn will the story take will be unveiled in the upcoming episodes.

Tears in Heaven episode 25 release date and preview

Still from the drama Tears in Heaven.

The direction of the drama has been done under Shen Yi and Hua Qing. At the same time, the screenwriting has been done under Zhang Xiao Feng. The genres of the drama include business, romance, melodrama, and drama.

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